Saturday, March 12, 2011

Marie Antoinette Masquerade Masks

Ok I am sure by now some of you are probably tired of the Marie Antoinette Party posts and wanting some home decor posts. 

However with 3 weeks left until the party I am sooo busy with the party crafts that I have not had a lot of time to work on the house.

Today I made masquerade masks.

Printable can be found here>>Mask

I printed the first one out as a template for the rest. 
I used glitter paper from Target. It's in their craft section and comes in packs of three for $1.00.

I used a butterfly punch on the black glitter paper and little rhinestones also from the craft store for $1.00 a pack.

Then I took pink and white crepe paper, sewed strait down the middle and cut fringe all on one side.

I bought dowel rods from the craft store and wrapped them with cheap curling ribbon. 

Added white curling ribbon to the top of the rod and curled it.
Then hot glued everything together.
This evening while on the hunt for items for the party, my friend Elisabeth introduced me to Trader Joe's Grocery
There is one down the street not too far and we get their fliers but I'd never been into one. 
I was soooooo excited to find these
Picture from The Hungy Scholar

And these
Picture from Chasing Wildflowers
Pretty pastel salt water taffys (and they taste amazing!)

I would have taken my own pics but it's late and I am sick for the bazillionth time this year....or maybe it's allergies since things are starting to green up. Either way, I just didn't feel up to trying to get more pictures tonight.

Hopefully after all this party stuff winds down I will be back to the home decor stuff again. Plus you will be seeing a lot of items I am preparing for the 2nd Annual Yard Sale.

Don't forget to enter my Be Part of the Party Giveway

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. great mask making, they look fantastic!

  2. Masks are so fun and yours are so pretty! Trader Joes is amazing for a lot of stuff....

  3. I so enjoy making masks! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What fun! My Sr. Prom was a masquerade ball and we had beautiful masks that we wore--it was so much fun. I still have mine 24 years later--and it’s still so pretty :)

  5. I love Trader Joe's and I love the Target dollar area. You did a fantastic job on these masks! Thank you for sharing them on Masterpiece Monday. Mary :O)

  6. Aww...the masks are darling!
    I will have to go back and look at the other party stuff youve posted.
    Trader Joes is great isn't it!
    We lived a couple of mins from one for a long time but, since I've moved I am about 45 mins sad.

  7. Love this! I'm going to be featuring it Thursday on "My Top Ten Fav Picks" at Boogieboard Cottage. Thank you for sharing it, Mary :O)

  8. Wow! What a fun idea! The masks look simple beautiful!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. $35 sc + free shipping to get a custom trendy backpack for your kid from Paige Holliday Designs. All you have to do is leave a comment.

  9. your masquerade masks are stunning, so feminine


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