Friday, March 11, 2011

Outside My Window

This is the view outside my bedroom window this morning. There is sunshine peeking through!!
We have had a large amount of rain and grey skies for the last two weeks. Last Saturday our basement flooded. The creek that runs next to our house looked more like a raging river with white water rapids bubbling through.

All of this is enough to put one in a real funk. Once the massive amounts of snow are gone we wait, and we expect blue skies and sunshine. Because truly, after ten tons of snow, we deserve the blue skies and sunshine don't we?

Today there is finally sunshine. And I will admit I have about twenty projects on the back burner. Things I should have been getting accomplished but just didn't "feel" like it with those ominous grey skies looming outside.

Today is going to be my make up day to try and plow through some of these projects that I have been promising to show.

Hurray for sunshine!!!


  1. yes sunshine is a motivator. It is grey and raining in Boston...ugh. Can't take pics for posts in this weather either. I think I will be cleaning house later on today. Have a great weekend~I always look forward to seeing what you are working on.

  2. Enjoy the sun......we have stinking SNOW.....again!!!! Looks like the calm after the storm at your house!!!

  3. Oh I so understand! I have sooooo many projects to get done.....overwhelming, but having trouble getting motivated!

  4. So glad you're getting some long overdue sunshine.

    Hugs, Lisa x

  5. I say "hurray for sunshine" too, especially since it seems like we have had very little of it here lately. Hope you get through a bunch of your projects this weekend :)


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