Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's Yellow, Feathered and Goes Peep Peep Peep?

Six adorable and noisy baby chicks!
Supposed to be all females (we hope!)
I ended up getting them out of a mixed chick (variety of sexed female pullets) bin. 
I thought about ordering specific special breeds, especially since the Silkies are sooooo cute, but the thought of them arriving in the mail didn't sit well with me. If you haven't heard, our local post office is brutal with packages and I don't think I would handle it well if I received chicks D.O.A. 
I know sometimes it just happens but the thought freaks me out!
Plus honestly I kind of like the idea of a surprise.
 They do not have names yet. I want to make sure they all survive through their chickhood and also see what they look like and what their personalities are once they are a little bigger before we name them.
Shhhhhh....I hear silence! They are all napping in their box next me while I type!

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  1. Oh how sweet.....nothing cuter than baby peepers! Last July I mail ordered my baby Cochins and they came just fine.....they all made it here alive and have started laying.....they are my Fluffy Butt Girls! I really want to get some new peepers now, but we just have to much going on and will be traveling some.....hubby is already having to pay for me a cat, goat and chicken sitter.....babies added would cost even more!
    Enjoy them.....they are so fun!

  2. That is so cute! Baby chicks napping!I must confess don't know anything about chicks. Enjoy! Traci

  3. @Niece

    It became an irrational fear after seeing them at TSC today....I had planned to mail order. Our local post office has managed to SMASH the last several packages of items I had sold on Etsy.....despite using an ENTIRE roll of bubble wrap in one of them. Really started to freak me out about the chickens! I'm so paranoid!!
    My youngest (the tiny tot terror) is in L-O-V-E with the chicks. This is an exciting and new adventure for us!!

  4. So darling ... love baby anything that doesn't slither. When we were children a local store would dye the peepers Easter colors & give them away to children ... I always got PINK, no surprise, eh?

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~


  5. Traci,I didn't either until a few weeks ago when I bought a book and started reading up on them.
    Marydon, Oh my chicks!! I bet they were tooooo cute!

  6. Oh my gosh--they are toooooo cute!! Don’t you just love that little peep they make and their soft feathers. Precious. Can’t wait to see what you ended up with. I have a silkie hen sitting on 10 eggs. If you want some silkies--I will be selling them in a month or two :)

  7. What precious babies!! I haven't had baby chicks since I was little. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. :)

  8. CUTE! I've been soooo tempted but I have no place to put them. Must wait must wait must wait!

    You are very creative with your party stuff. The masks are so cute. I'm sure you're going to have a great time.

    Cindy Bee

  9. How sweet! I remember raising little chicks from eggs in grade school, and they were so soft and adorable! Now, I'll tip-toe away so as not to wake them up... shhhhhh.

  10. They are sooooo cute!!!! I love little chicks!!!

  11. I'll whisper...sooo cute. I have told my husband I want chickens when we move to Montana.
    I hope so!
    Enjoy the quiet~KarenSue

  12. I will enjoy reading about the raising of chicks. They are so cute.

  13. Oh my goodness!! They are just precious! I just told my hubby, (he was passing by) look at these little baby chicks. I want some!! Awe. look at them sleeping, just adorable!! Keep us updated on how they are doing.


  14. Oh how cute! Those little cuties put a smile on my face!

  15. Fluffy precious squee cute! Thanks for sharing!

  16. We just ordered ten more little chicks to go with the twelve we already have. We always get excited when new ones arrive. Aren't they so cute when they are little and full of those soft little feathers?

  17. They're just gorgeous, there's almost nothing so cute as a tiny chick!
    I had 6 hatch yesterday, all doing really well and mum is protecting them well!

  18. So cute, love the pic of them sleeping:@)

  19. So cute! I just love the sound of little chicks.


  20. Very cute pics!!! And yes i woudn't feel very comfy eihter if they came true the mail..


  21. So Cute. I love baby chicks... I've got 30something hatchin out this weekend in my bator :)

  22. Ohhhh! So cute! I love that soft little peep peep they make for the first week! Then it turns into this rapacious TWEEP! TWEEP! TWEEP! :)

    Ours are supposed to be coming sometimes around the 28th (I haven't got the shipping notice yet for exact time) and we're so excited. The kids love to ride to the Post Office early before school to pick them up.

  23. Congratulations on your chicks. They are so cute!


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