Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Peeping Chicks, Sick Again, and Pinterest

Peeping of the chicks......
I'm keeping the new chicks in my bedroom. The first night I was up every hour, on the hour, like a new parent checking to make sure they are all breathing. And doing the mommy "poke" if one seemed a little too still.
Between the peeping and the bright light from the heat lamp, sleep was not easy.

They love the tiny tot terror for some reason. Every time
Miss Isabelle gets near them, they "fly" to the top of the box, perch and stare at her.

Oh how I wish I felt like getting something done around the home, or some crafting, anything!
I'm sick....AGAIN. I was actually hoping it was allergies. I spend two weeks out of every single month sick. It's getting old fast. 
I've been to the doctor and had every test under the sun ran.
The only conclusion is that I have three young children, with two in school, bringing home germs all the time. 

Last topic...... 
Forgive me for my random subject jumping and lack of projects. I'm just not feeling well enough, but did feel like I needed to post something at least. If no other reason than to at least remind you all
I am still here and I do appreciate each of you!! (I've been reading your comments and blogs)


Most of you have probably already seen it out there in blogworld. I'm completely excited about it! I LOVE the fact that you can put it in your tool bar and "pin" things when you are browsing the world wide web, AND it keeps track of the source!!

My Inspirtational Rooms on Pinterest

Can you tell I am loving pink right now?

Source: google.com via Nicki on Pinterest


  1. Oh those are pretty pink rooms! I'm loving Pinterest too. But for some reason I'm having trouble with the toolbar thing. I always was slow when it came to computer tech. Hope I can get it working soon.
    Good luck with your little chicks!

  2. I am loving your pink photos! I will have to check out Pinterest, I have not heard of it before.
    I have just found your lovely blog, I have the same background as you do, so it feels a bit like "home" to me.
    I hope that your immune system kicks in and you start to be immune to what your kids bring home from school. Feel better soon.

  3. Love the pink! Hope your feeling better soon.....the weather doesn't help. Your baby peeps will be just fine.....I kept mine in the basement in a big crate.....watch their little bums and keep them clean, called pasty butt!

  4. I am not a convert yet. Not because I think I wouldn't like it but because I know I WOULD.

    I've done my own version for years now. I keep a "decor" folder on my EHD with subfolders for rooms. I save images to those folders all the time - which is of course wildly great for my EHD "Full? How can it be almost full? Could the 3000 images I take per month PLUS downloading the entire decorating internet to my drive possibly have any connection? No!"


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