Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Marie Antoinette Dress

Today I got the bright idea to make my own dress for my party......
back of dress

I'm truly truly excited with how it is coming along (Keep in mind it is not anywhere near finished yet, I was just excited and wanted to share the progress)

1) I just learned to sew very recently. 

2) My previous projects include a couple sets of curtains, pillow covers and a duvet (about 6 different things so far). This was my very first attempt at any type of clothing.

3) I did not have a pattern and I did not use my measuring tape. I eyeballed all of it.

4) I'm still sick and I had kids running wild under foot all day. 

5) It's a size 18 dress (my size) on a size 6 dress form....so the sleeves look more like a cape in the picture. But when I tried it on they look like sleeves. 

6) It's cheap (really cheap, $2 a yard) fabric and it wants to shred on me while sewing.

7) I did all of it in just a few hours.
 Sorry I know the full size pics are blurry....I'm going cross eyed from looking at the sewing machine for hours.

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  1. Okay, seriously you MADE this?

    I have envy.

    And a sort of sinking sense that I am just never going to be THAT talented. Like, ever.

    Great job! :)

  2. It looks awesome!!! I've been sewing (for fun) for years and have yet to tackle clothing!!!! Good for you!!!!

  3. You're killing me. You make cameo mints, eiffel towers and now this! I can barely buy colored plates from Walmart for parties. Everything is just beautiful! Great job!

  4. Well all I can say is you are absolutely FEARLESS! OMG you made a dress without a pattern and you barely even know how to sew? Did you know that sewing clothes is soooo much harder than making curtains and stuff? I am shaking my head in Boston. I cannot believe it came out so good. WOW!

  5. You did a great job!You got my attention with Marie Antoinette. I'm a little obsessed with the unfortunate Queen of France. Take care.


  6. Nicki you never disappoint me you are truly AMAZING i am in awe of everything you do you go with your wonderful vintage self

  7. Wow! That's inspiring! You're obviously a natural! I haven't figured out how to thread my machine lol! And I've had it for ten years! I know....I'm pathetic. Vanna


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