Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green is Not a Color I Adore

But Happy Saint Patricks Day!

The story behind my aversion to green....
Our last house had all hunter green siding (not my choice)....
With all hunter green carpet (also not my choice).....
 And here is the sofa and chair we had before we moved to the green house (this was my choice!). We got rid of it because it was just TOO MUCH green!

So while I LOVE green as in outdoors, grass, trees and nature....I spent two years in a house that was overloaded with green and can't stand the thought of using it to decorate.

I'm really loving our current home, but when we first moved in there was one hunter green wall. It was the FIRST thing to be painted over!!!

This to shall pass......
We had a house decorated in blue years ago and just now in the last year have I been able to bring blue back into our home.

Does anyone else get really burnt out on colors?


  1. To me, it all depends on the type of green. I'm not a fan of darker greens, but really like lighter greens. In fact, our apartment has olive green walls, which really isn't too bad.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. As as survivor of the 1990's I STILL have an aversion to hunter green and burgundy/wine (remember THAT combo EVERYWHERE). I feel the same about mauve/rose and light blue (80's!) If anyone shows me a blue/white goose wearing a mauve bow on ANYTHING - I may cringe in fear ;)

  3. I love green but have found myself drifting away from it here lately. I do remember I had an obsession with mauve had a house with all mauve carpet that I had chose. Now not so much do I love mauve!I'm really into bolder colors then I used to love. Red's and yellows. Funny how your tastes change. Traci

  4. Oh how funny! If I lived in a house that had green carpeting I would no longer like green either! I guess the previous owners did not get the "neutral" note. :) I agree with Kymberly that there are certain color combos that you just never what to see together again. Especially the mauve and rose country wallpaper boarders!

  5. Happy St. Paddy's Day... green is my favorite color so I'm not the best person to respond to this :).... however, I'm really not a "hunter" or "kelly" green kind of gal.


  6. This post is on my sidebar right above a post that is all about loving green! So funny! I think you can get sick of colors too. I used to love apple green and now I am into aqua...

  7. I'm with you Nicki!! I love sage green, but not real dark colors of green. Keep it outside!!


  8. i always complain that i have a love hate relationship with blue i get so tired of it but whenever i go to the store and see the most awesome thing its always blue- to figure


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