Monday, May 12, 2014

Circus Party

The tiny tot {who is not so tiny anymore!} turned 6 in April. For her first big party since she started school we decided on a Circus theme.
Warning: TONS of photos!
 Most of the photos were taken well after kids started digging into the party area. 
I'm becoming less and less concerned about having everything staged perfectly for photos. It takes too much time and you miss out on all of the fun!
 The C on the Circus sign looks like a G, but I bought it from the C section. 
I ordered a things like the cupcake stand online and added some pizzaz.
 What's a party without a bounce house? 
Well let me tell you....we could have definitely forgone the bounce house. A yard full of 6 year olds and they were more interested in seeing the chickens than they were the bounce house!!

 The giant animal cracker box is vintage found at Boone County Uniques.

 I way WAY over ordered and have a TON of supplies left.
If anyone is interested I am selling them as a lot 
If you are local and want to pick it up I will throw in the ticket booth as well.
 The ticket booth is from a card board box and two empty wrapping paper rolls.

 I made these cute little goldfish soap for their gift bags.

 And here she is, The Amazing Isabelle.
I ordered this whole get up for her from Etsy.

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  1. Love this theme esp. Since I am a clown
    Love how your Daughter dressed.


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