Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blooming {A Garden Tour}

We spent the weekend hauling mulch and pea gravel to build a tiny patio off of the back of our house in the space that we use the most during the summer. 
All of my plants are blooming!! Lowes had rose bushes on sale for $5 {some of them were marked down to $5 from $40!!} so I bought 6 of them.
I am so so SOOOO happy with my new outdoor space that I took a TON of photos. 

Here is my little stone walkway through the middle of the flower garden. I have peonies, hostas, iris, strawberries, and a few other random plants I scored on Lowes discount rack a few years ago that I can not remember the name of. 
 Several of the peonies were ones that I had found on Craigslist for free about 4 years ago. It's taken them until this year to really bush out and have multiple blooms.
 This was taken midway through our work, still have more to do, but I looooove it!

 Dirty happy feet!
 I have several herbs in the mix on this side. I planted cat nip.....but the devil cat found it pretty quick and demolished it. 
See the crazed look in his eyes?

 I also have peonies lining the driveway. Could you have possibly guessed that they are my favorite flower?

 Someone threw out this table and chairs a few weeks ago. I am told it was originally from Pier One. I plan to use some hemp oil on it and then give it a coat of clear spray paint for outdoors for added protection.



  1. So beautiful. I can see you with a nice cold beverage just enjoying the view and surrounded by the fragrance of the flowers.

  2. Everything looks so great Nicki and I am dying over the look in your cat's eyes! Haha!

  3. Paint that table and chairs a hunter green...it will fit right in


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