Monday, May 12, 2014

Strawberry Patch Photos

 We went down to Hartsville Tennessee for the Strawberry Patch Barn Sale
This is our set up.

 It was a really great show but my absolute favorite part of it is seeing all my friends and meeting so many new ones!

We got to go out to dinner at Sammy B's with Ruth from Southern Junkers
and several other fun ladies.

I got the Quackers.......Wontons stuffed with smoked duck, mushrooms, & boursin cheese, served with oriental plum sauce.
. Ooooo the food gets better when you travel south.

Traveling for out of state shows can be exhausting but so worth it!

Too see more photos from the show click here


  1. Looks great!! I did your house tour again, and I loved it!! Love all the bling on the chandeliers!!!

  2. Your booth looks outstanding! Looking forward to seeing you at the City Farmhouse show in October.


  3. This looks amazing! My eyes are tantalised!!

  4. in the first photo there is silver, how much for the sugar/creamers, individually?

  5. Your booth always looks so great! You put a lot of work into your displays and it shows!

  6. And I have to live in southern California. Boi!


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