Friday, January 17, 2014

Creative Things Thursday

I'm a day late!! 
In the we hours of yesterday morning I fell down our entire flight of stairs {it was super early, it was dark...and I apparently am not a ninja with stealth moves}and spent most of the day trying to rest yesterday. Then I spent the evening in the ER getting checked out since I suspected broken bones, but I got really lucky with just bad bruising.
So here we are with Thursday on Friday!
 Welcome to Creative Things Thursday.

This is the time of the week where you can link up any of your creative projects, which include: crafting, food, decorating,  anything creative!
 {Each week I will pick three posts to feature}

{I'm on a furniture lovin kick this week}

Berkey & Gay Vanity from {createinspire} 

DIY Platform Bed & Salvaged Door Headboard from Averie Lane


Shabby Chic French Provincial Dresser from Victoria's Vintage Designs

 Thank you so much to all who linked up last week!


  1. I am glad you are doing ok and nothing more serious happened. I hope you are all better soon, take care of yourself. Have a great weekend.

  2. So sorry for the fall... hope you feel soon better!

  3. Oh my, I'm glad you are OK! Stairs are tricky! I've fallen several times, it is no fun!

  4. We have wood floors throughout our house, including our stairway. I have had horrible visions of falling. (I hope I just didn't jinx myself by saying it out loud.) Glad there were no broken bones!

  5. So glad you are ok. I've done that before and ended up with a God awful large bruise on my lower back that took forever to heal. We are always so busy and have so much on our minds that we forget to be vigilant about our own safety. Do take care. Love the furniture by the fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Stairs can be tricky, even in daylight! Hope you're healing well. Thanks for hosting:)

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  8. Goodness, Nicki! Glad to hear you are 'just' bruised and battered, and not broken - but get some rest and take care of yourself! (and ah, maybe get a flashlight for those nocturnal ramblings??!!! )

    [deleted my first comment because I type faster than I think and there were typos everywhere!]

  9. Wow...i do hope you are healing well. Need some lights on your slippers maybe....


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