Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

Anyone else getting cabin fever? 
We have had SO much snow! The kids had an extra week of winter break because of snow. 

So we've spent our time reading books and snuggling under blankets with hot chocolateThe kids have done a lot of craft projects. They are in love with the rainbow loom and my oldest has been crocheting a lot.
It's given me time to just play around the house.
 Staging things for some upcoming projects.
I love coral and have been collecting it for years but it's all been sitting on my kitchen shelves, so I brought it in to the mantel.
 This crown was made for me by my sweet friend Patty from Swanky Artisans
I have been crafting a lot too. 
I'm working on a new website that will go live sometime tomorrow with all of the new items I am stocking including these Magic Wand Bobby Pins made with German Glass glitter. I will also be carrying the German Glass glitter for purchase. 

And exciting news we have been asked to host craft classes at a new store opening up. Stay tuned for the date and time to be announced! ♥ Our first class will be a glitterfest of sorts with tutorials on working with German Glass glitter. 
{Can you tell I am currently in love with German Glass glitter?}
 And I have been dreaming......
Of lush green grass and digging into the dirt and planting things with the warm sun shining down on me. 
Hurry up Spring!!

What are you favorite things to do when it's cold outside?


  1. Love it. All the whites seem so fresh bright and clean.....

  2. OMG… us too. It has been a horrible winter here in Indiana. Although, I do have to admit, being snowed in forced me to clean every drawer, cabinet, and closet in this entire house. I despised every minute of it, but kept thinking, come April, it will give me plenty of time to spend outside!!!!!

    1. Me too!! It's not much fun doing it but the relief felt afterwards is amazing!!

  3. We have been dealing with snow also but the worst has been the cold, cold weather. The kids had school closed for that which I can't remember the last time it happened. So of course were feeling a little bit of cabin fever but I'm spending so much time crafting it's not bothering me all that much yet. Love your photos. So pretty.

  4. We have been dealing with more snow than usual, but the cold temps are the worst. I just look out the windows and feel cold Brrrrrrr. I have been feathering my nest when I am not at work and I love just sitting and looking out at the frosty weather with the fire place on and a lovely cup of hot chocolate (I've been putting whipping cream on it ~ bad me), under a quilt and reading a book ~


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