Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Decorating Dilema

My problem with Christmas Decorating is that I want to do it ALL. I can't for the life of me decide on one particular theme!!!

I LOVE the simple green and white, without much going on, just simple with a bit of French Nordic feel {like Jeanne d'Arc}
This is where I am at so far in the living room, and I really think I might just add lights and be done with it.
But I also love the white on white....
 This white tree went with me to markets to display ornaments, but it came home because I adore it. It was a score for $10 at a thrift store. 

I also saw white tree's new in the box at a Goodwill near me for $19.99....a little high I think for a Goodwill, but it's better than shelling out $50 or $100 for a tree. {I'm so ridiculously cheap!}

But then there's this...
 and this......
I have been hoarding vintage ornaments in pinks and aquas for a couple of years now. I have a couple hundred of them and I looooove them. 

So figuring out where they fit in is adding to my Christmas decorating perplexity.

Christmas might be over before I make a final decision! 

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  1. You CAN do it all. Mix it up and make your own statement. I just saw some green trees {fake} at Goodwill in Fort Wayne for $150!!!!! Outrageous!

  2. I can relate! After weeks and weeks of taking in all the inspiration--I am completely stuck! So I am building slowly as well..and hoping that in the end it just all comes together!

    : ) Happy Holidays from France!

  3. It's ALL BEAUTIFUL!! Have a wonderful decorating week!! Roxie

  4. I love the tree all left in its original glory with just adding some lights to brighten it at night would be great. Simple and pretty is good. Then I saw your pretty bulbs Oh my not sure you need to leave that tree simple anymore!!!!! Which ever way you go it will be beautiful.

  5. It will come to you.. you will see. Then you won't stop till it's done.

  6. I love it all too! I've been trying to convince the husband that one tree is just not enough. If I spot a white one-I'm not even going to think twice C:

  7. Oh I have that exact same problem! I tell my husband that the solution is to have multiple houses!

  8. I love them both! You can have more than one right :-)

  9. If you wanted green but not a deep of green with your white style .What about spray painting your tree a light Easter green and add your vintage balls.

  10. I'm like that too, I love so many different colours and styles, I just had to decide on one because everything is so open in my house. Whatever you do will be lovely, I know!
    My first time to comment I think, usually I just cruise on through, love your photos!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Don't think too long about it Nicki... the days are moving way too fast... jump in and DO IT!! And then photograph it to share with us :)

  12. SO many great choices Nicki. I know whatever you decide...it will be beautiful!

  13. Hmmm... I must admit, I'm a bit indecisive when it comes to things like this.
    I'm teetering between decorating at all? or NOT?
    Sad... i know.
    Hope you get it all together before the Jolly Fat Man comes! LOL... Pat

  14. Hi! I just found you on fb and your blog is gorgeous!! you sound like me only i have 4 kids and a 181 year old farmhouse lol. i am so excited to follow you, your pics are amazing. i just started a blog two weeks ago and would be thrilled if you would stop by for a minute. thetinsel.com thx and continued success-melissa

  15. Nicki, you'll figure it out and it will be perfect...can't wait to see what you have done!

  16. Oh boy I see your delema..... They are all so amazing but the so compliment each other. My case is the same except I love some Christmas decorations that are extremely different. I love white on white but I also love the black plaid and the scandanavian and the shabby pink. Wish I could just pick one.

  17. I always put up a real tree and those old fashioned glass ornaments that I buy at garage sales. When we get moved upstairs I plan on having several trees. I've been hoarding ornaments too. I have the same problem decorating a house. I just need someone to decide for me!

    Cindy Bee

  18. Well, now I want to hit the thrift stores...wow... you scored big. Love them all.

  19. Your style is gorgeous!!!! I'm crazy about the vintage pink ornaments!!


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