Friday, November 30, 2012

Wreath Making

I was digging around in the garage this morning, and kept moving aside piles of wood and trim that I have been hoarding collecting, when I realized, hey maybe I should do something with some of this!

I made 3 stars out of the trim and stapled vintage lace curtains to the back. 

{Don't tell my husband, but I couldn't find the saw so I used one of the good kitchen knives to cut the trim with. Shhhhhh}
Then I painted a few of the old wood pieces with Christmas sayings.
 Ok, so I am not usually a wreath fan. I know they are a hot Christmas item, but it's never really been my thing.
 I've had these two wreaths sitting around all plain and sad looking for about two years now so I figured it was time to break out some burlap and some of my stamped ribbon and dress them.
 Which leads me to wonder, why oh why have I not thought to pair burlap with the stamped ribbon before? Seriously! I loooove this look!
 This one is on the simple side, with a coffee filter flower and vintage mercury glass ornie in the canter, surrounded by some tulle. I like simple during the holidays.

 I still haven't started decorating the house. I've been up to my ears prepping for markets. 
Maybe next week I will get around to it! And then there is the poor neglected bathroom that I started on and haven't finished. 

*Sigh* I'll get there....eventually!
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  1. I love what you did to your wreaths. Love the combo of burlap and white ribbon with the words. Beautiful..

  2. I love everything you did! I wish a could see the possibility in the stuff just laying in our garage.

  3. Yummy! What a great idea! I've done the kitchen knife thing too C:

  4. You are so creative! I absolutely love how you repurposed the old wood you had lying around. So clever! And I love the burlap on the wreath. Great job :)

  5. Your wreaths are so beautiful. Well done on a lovely job decorating them. Hopefully you have now embraced the love of wreaths and you will continue to create more in the years to come. Happy Christmas to you x

  6. I love wreaths. I normally only do them at christmas. I just destroyed one of my old ones and did a totally burlap one. They do grow on you. Busy is the name of the game at this time of year...hang in there, you can do it :)

  7. Your star is genius! I love it. Your burlap and printed ribbon looks amazing on the wreath too!

  8. Oh I love. Don't worry you still have time to decorate.

  9. Beautiful Nicki! Sadly this year I cant put a wreath on our door as the leadlight panel we have in the door has trimmings around it which sticks out. Im so disappointed so I will be bringing mine inside.

  10. Plenty of time left! So pretty love your wreath!

  11. them all! I am still digging around our boxes to pull out the decorations....lovin' it.

  12. How sweet. You gave me a great idea in making a wreath for my Manila condominiums door. Thanks! :)

  13. I LOVE that star with the pretty lace behind it! Your wreaths are beautiful and the burlap with the stamped ribbon is a perfect touch. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one not decked out for the holidays yet:-)

  14. Now how in the WORLD did you get that star shape SO PERFECT??? It would not look like that if I tried. LOL I love it!! I also love the ribbon on the burlap!!! SO clever!!


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