Friday, June 1, 2012

The Vintage Farmhouse Garden

 This is our third summer at this house and the outdoor spaces have been my biggest challenge.
 There were days were I SO wished I could hire a landscaper to just come in and fill the whole back yard with pretty things.
But I don't have that budget so every time I go into town, near a greenhouse or hardware store that sells plants, I go in and check out the discounts racks. 
 Almost all of my plants have been $1-$3 each. Some have been free from Craigslist, or friends wanting to thin their gardens.




 {Mexican Heather}

 {Hosta and Boxwood}

 This is my view from the back porch every morning.
{Straw on the ground comes from the chicken coop}

 {I have several containers I plant in and scatter around the yard}


 {Knockout Roses}

{Lavender. I wish there was "scratch and sniff" for computers!}
 I planted around 20 lavender plants this year. All from discount racks. No photos since I just cut the lavender buds.

 Here's a little walk through of some of the woods around us. It has been hard to find the right places to plant since we are surrounded by so much shade.
 Each year my little discount plants get bigger and thrive and each year I add a few more. It's coming along nicely. 
I am soooo looking forward to next spring when all the lavender is in bloom plus the five lilac bushes. 

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  1. sharing is the very best and most fun way to grow a garden

  2. Thank you for stopping by 34th street this morning, Nicki! It was such a pleasant surprise for me. I just spent the last few minutes visiting your beautiful and very inspirational blog. I am your newest follower.

  3. Thanks for your visit !!...happy

  4. oh i envy that you get to live on property...the flowers are gorgeous!

  5. How beautiful! I love your back porch view...

  6. Love your garden and surrounding wooded area! How peaceful.

  7. That property would be beautiful if you had never planted a thing! As it is, you have made it even more lovely! ~ Maureen

  8. You live in such a beautiful area!

  9. Your garden is just lovely! I love your views.


  10. Your gardens are getting a great start. Love the colors.

  11. Beautiful gardens....would love to see you link up the Cottage Garden Party (Thursdays) on my blog sometime???? xoxo, tracie


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