Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bad Blogger Etiquette

I try really hard to be Nicki the nice blogger. I really do. I even feel really bad when I can't comment or email back to everyone. I get swamped a lot and just don't have the time to respond to everyone even though I truly appreciate each of your comments.

But recently I have encountered a couple of things that are in very poor taste and just plain bad etiquette.

The first issue is more than a little appalling.

I went to check my booth space at the local antique mall the other day when the owner called me over to let me know that another blogger that I know personally had been in and complained that she could NOT believe that I would sell a dresser for $45 that I found curbside. 
Well the story on that dresser was that I used my gas, my vehicle, my time, to haul it home. Then I used my money for supplies {paint brushes, paint, ect} and my time {time does equal money}to paint and distress it. 

Another sweet blogger  purchased the dresser seemed to feel like she got a great deal. I thought it was a win/win. I was able to give her a low price on it because it was a curb find that I had fixed up myself. 
The blogger who complained seemed to think this was just awful enough to go into the antique mall and tell the owner about it! 
I'm sorry if I offend anyone here, but I honestly think most of you will be with me on this, that was a rude thing to do. 
I am not going to give an item away for free just because it was a curb find. I put a lot of work into it and let's be totally honest here, I am not in the business of giving things away for free. {Ok, I take that back, on occasion I do find something that I don't have to put any work into and I do in fact give it away if I know there is someone out there who collects or is seeking that item}
But making a complaint over something like that, well it's not a way to win friends. 

Issue number two:
This one is not just something that has happened to me, it seems to be a trend....people who take photos and use them to claim as their own or give someone else credit. 
Come on people! I am a friendly person {albeit a bit awkward often times} I don't mind if you use my photos, I don't even mind if you don't give me credit.
But for the love of all that is good in this world, do not claim them to be your own or give credit to another person just because you like them better. 

Issue number three:
Cliques ...
It's ok to not like me. Not everyone has to fit in and I realize a lot of times that I do not. I have a different background and was not raised the way a lot of others were. I am fairly laid back and have been known to use potty words a time or two {or a million}. I'm not perfect, I make mistakes. I'm human, we all are.
But there seems to be more and more of these little groups where people turn their nose up at others for whatever reason. I need to say this do not have to like me, but don't turn your nose up at me just because I am not part of your little group. I am here to create and share and make a little money while I am at it, which I would guess is the same reason most of us are here, am I right? 

This is not high school. I understand that we meet people and will form groups that are tighter knit, but it is not an excuse to behave rudely towards someone. Not everyone is the same, that is the beauty of it, it's how new ideas and creativity are born.
So now that I have had my little rant, I want to say that I try not to be negative, I try not to complain....but it has just hit the point where I feel some of you have also been in my shoes on these issues and it really needed to be shared.
I have met some AMAZING people through blogging and markets, really and truly.  This was not meant as a blanket statement about everyone. It seems to be just a small number of incidences in all my time since I started blogging.

To those who comment regularly, exchange emails, have been in my corner, and have offered up support in one way or another thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


  1. I never comment, but love to read and have to say I totally hear you on all three. The first one is called entrepreneurship or capitalism and you are so right! And the others, well, just plain not nice. Hang in there. XO Bev

  2. I have had rude comments on my blog also. There seem to be people out there that just want to compain. As for the dress,it doesn't matter where you got it. You have every right to sell it for what you want. What you sold it for was none of her affair.

  3. Blogging and business are both the same. There are rules and standards of common decency that everyone should follow. No one is in business for free, it doesn't matter what you paid for an item, if you sold it for a fair price and the buyer loves it and was glad to pay that price, that is all that matters. This isn't High School, how childish to have groups that condemn another. Shame on them. God Bless and hand in there, these are narrow minded people. Hugs, Marty

  4. The point of a curbside find is to recognize what it can be, use your resources, time and creativity to make it be worth more than it was worth at the curb. My 40 yrs of attending auctions and studying antiques means I find things at a fraction of their value and can resell them for more. I look at it as a VERY LONG university course and I'm being paid for my degree. 'Nuff said on that subject! I must be living in a hollow log, because I was unaware of cliques in blogland! ~ Maureen
    ps - I like you.

  5. VoodooLoungeRetireeMay 26, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    The proper spelling is clique... I just put that in there because I wondered about that too.

    On the other issues, good for you. Sometimes you just have to stand your ground. You have always been nice and professional every time that I have seen you. Sometimes even adults have to be reminded to "play nice".

  6. I have enjoyed reading your blog and am sorry to hear about the trouble you have had! It is hard to shake the rude comments and situations you have encountered. Unfortunately rudeness is a character trait of far too many. Keep up your great work!

  7. Keep your chin up. This will come and go. Been there. I was thinking you should also look into the steps of getting your brokers lics, an estate sale pro. This is one of the things that I am working on. Take Care, and Best,tina marie, la Vintage Farmhouse @ blogspot too.

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  9. Hi Nicki ~ I'm sorry you're going through abit of a hard time right now with the things you mentioned above. Here are my opinions...yikes, but here one has the right to tell you how much to price something. I don't care if you found it in the garbage dump. It's your item and you can put $10 or $1000 on it, it's your business! Often people don't take into account all of the time and effort it goes into refurbishing something...they just don't get it. People stealing pictures...yep, that's a hard one! I've had it happen so many times over the years and now I don't care...I call people on it and tell them to knock it off, take it down or whatever. I still try to be nice about it, but I don't put up with it anymore. And as for the last are right, not every person has to like you. BUT I've known you for a little while now and I think you're nice. LOL! ~Stacy~ xo

  10. Sorry about the rudeness and smallness.

    Have you ever considered watermarking your pictures? It's super easy. has a great tutorial showing how to do a watermark using picmonkey. It's fast and easy, and with your pics watermarked no one can claim them as theirs because your name is clearly on the pics.

    Best the best you can be, do the best you can do and don't worry about the petty people.

  11. Backing you 100% honey... hang in there.
    ♥ Kerryanne

  12. Hi Nicki,
    First of all - I enjoy your blog and am pretty sure we'd be pals if we met in person - 2nd - it's only after you leave "high school" that you realize how dumb the cliques are and that everyone has something unique and cool about them and last - I routinely get things free, fix 'em up and sell them - that's how I support my vintage shopping habit.....LOL. Sometimes people poke at the ones they are most envious of.....just hold on to that thought and keep on going!

  13. Hiya Nicki :) Sorry to hear you're going through a tough time. Sometimes people are real jerks to one another, huh? Don't worry, you're not alone and from reading your post, I don't think you've done anything wrong at just sounds like sour grapes to me. And as for blogging cliques, well, I guess where there are women there will be cliques too and unfortunately where there are cliques there will be exclusivity and nastiness. Oh and for the record, I like you :)
    Cas x

  14. I think a dresser for $45 sounds like a good deal! Crazy that someone thinks you should sell it for less! You had a good enough eye to recognize the treasure in the trash! Talent like that should = you more income :)

    @ Creatively Living

  15. You have nearly 1200 fans..for a reason. Very talented, cute stuff, keen eye being copied is a compliment and living well is the best revenge

  16. Ok, dumb question. If she thought that it was too expensive, why did she buy it? To go and complain to the shop owner afterwards was rediculous. What did she intend to gain? $45 is a great price and yes, even for a curb shopping find! Like you said, there are a lot of expenses that go into revamping a piece of furniture, not the least of which is time. Generally, we have to pay for an item and then put all the money and time into fixing it up. If it sits somewhere waiting to sell, that costs us money as well. If we luck out with a curb find - smoo hoo! That helps make up for the others that weren't freebies.

    Using other folk's artwork, pics, etc and crediting yourself or others is just plain wrong. I've seen it a lot recently. Some people don't credit anybody, which then leads us to believe that they made the item or shot the photo. I've discussed this with others recently and we agreed that if you don't know the original source , say so. Don't just sit silently and misrepresent it as yours or another's. Would you believe that one friend of mine's photo from her shop was actually pirated into another person's shop graphic? How low is that?

    And lastly, it is a shame to exclude people as you miss out on so much. You don't have to like everybody, but keep it to yourself if you don't. There are hundreds of us out here and most are nice, considerate and supportive people. I love and appreciate each and every one who has supported me in one way or another as I progress through this journey. Human nature is not always nice.I prefer to be nice - it goes a long way.

    Hope that these incidences have not spoiled your week or enthusiasm! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures and will continue to do so. Thank you for sharing everything that you do and making my days better! Hugs, Leena

    1. It was a different blogger who complained than the one who bought it. The one who bought it is a sweet heart. I know how I explained it came off a little confusing. Oops!

  17. Hi Nicki,

    I am a new blogger here and I will say this...if you found a diamond ring worth thousands, would you sell it for $20? Absolutely not, you price your items the way you want,the market price regardless of the deal you got for it. This is just plain business. They can buy it or not, that is their choice. You are not obligated to give them any kind of deal or justify why you priced it the way you have. That is so tacky of the person and unkind.

    Photos, I totally agree, I put the source as my pinterest or if I know directly I always try to name that source. I NEVER claim them as mine, never. I see other bloggers who use all others photos and you figure it out that none of them are anything they have done but just realizing on your own. NOT right at all, they should clearly state it. NEVER give credit to someone else unless it was an HONEST mistake.

    Cliques...well I am feeling that a is really hard to break into blogging now and gain followers. They all seem to have their circles and that is that. I blog because I enjoy it but it is also nice to know that others value what you are doing by following you. I haven't had anyone be nasty to me but not letting you into the fold is not exactly nice either. What can you do about that...nothing.

    Thank you for listening to my point of view and I know how these types of things can really hurt. Know that you are a kind person and you will run into those that are not and try to remember all the nice people you know. I know it is really hard not to get your feelings hurt...I really do.

    Kindredly, Lynnie

  18. So sorry to hear this has happened to you. As for the dresser, wow, of course you are going to make a profit off it, good business. As for the in crowd, I was always an outsider, so be it. I do this for my own pleasure and I follow bloggers who interest me. Don't let the bad apples ruin it for you.

    1. Sometimes people are so jealous of others that they have to do something to upset that person they are jealous of and in this case it's you. Believe me I know what it's like to find something and put lots of work and enrgy into making it beautiful again. The buyer should not have complained to the shop owner and why did she complain when she bought the piece herself!
      I know these things hurt but just know that there are those of us out there who love your blog and have at one time or another experienced the occassional mean comment.
      Don't let these these petty people keep you from being a positive and happy person.


    2. Sissie,
      I realized how I had originally written this that it sounded like the blogger who bought it was the one who complained. It was not.I went back to correct it to make it more clear because the blogger who bought it is a total sweetheart!

  19. I just cannot believe anyone would make a complaint about you fixing up a curbside find and then selling it for a profit. What did she think you were going to do with it? some people have entirely too much time on their hands to meddle in other people's business. I'm still shaking my head about this. (And to think you know this person ~ yikes! That sounds like pure jealousy.)

  20. I love reading your Blog! Just ignore those people and don't let them get you down.. they are just not happy in their own lives so want to make you feel bad too. We all love what you create so keep your head held high and keep smiling! Have a great Sunday!

  21. It is just plain rude behavior with a little jealousy thrown in. I encountered the same kind of behavior when I had a small decorative painting business. After many hours of painting and finishing items, people (that I know personally) would make comments right in front of me about the price of an item. Why?! It's just common courtesy and I guess not all people abide by it.

    Keep up the good work and entertain us with your blog! 99.9% of us appreciate the time and effort that you put into your pieces. And that particular piece was a great deal for the buyer!!!!

  22. Hi Nicki
    People will always find something to complain about. I guess that is some people's M.O. I think we are all at risk of others opinions. I'm sorry it has made such an impact. It is so rude to behave in that manner. I wish it hadn't hurt so much. Unfortunately, there are those that are dramatic and are unable to step into the other peoples shoes. To realize it is a business not a charity. Speaking of charity have you seen the prices on some of there things? Usually, more than $45 for a dresser in the shape it came in at. Oh and they got it for free. Well, this to shall pass! God Bless you may he smile on every piece you put out from now on. Hugs, Cindy

  23. Amen Nicki!! Very well said!!
    I can't believe someone would complain over a $45.00 dresser! I thought that was an amazing price!! I would have snatched it up quick!
    And the photo thing, I just don't get. Don't these people know that they will be caught taking credit for the photos that aren't theirs?
    And I know, sometimes it feels like we're still in high school, and I hated high school for this reason and this reason alone! I am just to darn old to be dealing with this anymore!
    Keep your head up, you are super talented, don't let these people get you down!!
    Have a great day Nicki!

  24. Nicki,
    I like you have no time for negative people.I am glad you are standing up for yourself.You are extremely talented and it shows.

  25. It matters not that you found the item curbside. You found an item and saw some potential value in it. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose. The happy customer more than likely got a quality furniture item for $45 instead of having to settle for something cheaply made for $200 or more retail. As for what you find curbside or dumpster diving, it could have been anything and once you find it, it becomes yours to do with whatever you want. SCENARIO: You find a box of misc. junk at a dumpster that looks like it might have some good old stuff in it. So you take it home to sort through and lo and behold you find a #1 Barbie still in the box in the bottom under all the other junk. You sell the Barbie for $700 on ebay--- are you a crook? NO! You are smart, and lucky!
    THIS IS THE ANTIQUES AND JUNKING BUSINESS! ITS WHAT WE DO! So are we only "allowed" to sell things that we pay something for? Then at what price does something become ethical or unethcial? I never even imagined something like this coud be an issue. Look, we buy good things at the flea market for quarters because the folks who are selling the junk paid nothing for it either. Are they wrong? I could rant on this all day so I'll stop now! Don't change a thing!

  26. All very valid points. Thank you for having the courage to share this. It's not easy to bring up controversial issues on your own blog, so kudos to you! I happen to know personally a few people who are in the business of refurbishing furniture and who have antique booths where they sell their pieces. There is a lot that goes into it - more than just hauling it into the booth and slapping a tag on it! People do crazy weird things sometimes and I'm sorry that happened to you. It seems no matter where you go there are catty women who (to quote a friend) tear others down when we should be lifting each other up. I haven't had the photos issue yet, at least not that I've seen(!) but I know of others who have had that issue and it's ridiculous.As for the cliques, oh yes I know ALL about that! I'll go back to my earlier comment, where there are women, there are catty woman. Unfortunately it happens no matter where you are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  27. Preach is sistah! I so know what you are saying. I have had incidences where they aren't too good to buy from me, but won't talk to me, or associate with me outside of a show. Whatever! Its stupid and I don't really give it much thought, because I have bigger things to concern myself with, like making money of those rude meanies. LOL! As far as complaining about a dresser. I don't think it should matter where you got it, whether for free, at a sale, etc. Its your prerogative and its pretty dumb that someone would actually go the the shop owner and bitch about it, as if she has anything to do with pricing your items. And for the record, $45 is pretty damn cheap for dresser that has been rehabbed.

    I get a lot of complaints directly in front of me by women who are looking at my jewelry and comment about how expensive it is and how they could make it for $10 bucks. People don't take into account that it costs money to buy the rhinestones or religious medals, sterling silver, freshwater pearls and gemstones. I always have an inside laugh because I would LOVE to see them try to make that necklace for $20 bucks, cause its NOT happening. People in general, especially a lot of women, have little care of how tactless they come across to an artist. We artists have a vision and we create that vision visually albeit through painting, jewelry, art, photos, etc. and that puts a lot of worth into a project that we accomplish. I say take pride in what you accomplish and screw the naysayers because what that have to say isn't worth a grain of salt.

  28. Hello there, I wasn't sure exactly what direction you were going when I saw the title to your post on my sidebar. Unfortunately recently I have read from others receiving rude comments, behavior etc...I have so enjoyed blogging - connecting, being inspired etc...that I hate to hear this happening to dear people. My friend tells me stories of people not understanding her pricing in her store - you're right - there's a lot of work that goes into it and your time is worth something. Good to know there are probably very many more gracious bloggers than not. Hugs and I do appreciate you!

  29. Silliness, all of it. I began blogging as a creative outlet after learning from and being inspired by so many talented bloggers. If I don't care for a blog, I just don't go back. If I love a blog, I'm there a lot. No comments necessary, just don't visit or comment if you don't care for a blog/blogger. As for the price of the table, ridiculous. It may be free but when we turn it into a treasure through time, talent and our own supplies, it's no longer free :)

  30. I'm fairly new here but I agree with you on all points. I would also add people who read posts on your blog and them "miraculously" within a week (or sometimes hours) later...they post a blog with the exact same content/idea but it is their original idea that just "came to them". Back where I came from we called that stealing. LOL. I'm with you...I'm flattered if people want to link to me, be inspired by me or share my photos, but I want to be credited for my work, originality and creativity. Some bloggers have poor etiquette because as people in real life they were never taught etiquette. Chin up and know that i am happy to be here!

  31. I sold a curb find I sanded and painted for 50$ in my booth. That's what we do. We are artist, junkers, etc... No apologies!

  32. Hmmmm.....I was unaware of the cliques....I am not in that explains why one particular blogger I see on several blogs and link parties I participate in NEVER comments on my blog,, yet she comments on others....I have never done anything to offend her (that I know of)....interesting.....

    I am sorry that you have experienced negativity through blogging. You have a lovely blog and home. I have learned so much for you! I hope you have a great Memorial Day!

    RIcki Jill

  33. Well put.. Now that I have had my space at a little mall I can totally relate to all the work and time that goes into it.. TIME and alot of it.. I can totally relate to most of this post as I have had things going on similar and had a talk with my mom last evening and told her that we just have to lift it all up at the end of the day and realize that those people are the ones with the problems not us.. If we give into them than they have the power. Easy to preach but hard for me to listen to my own advice. I am truly blessed by all the inspiration I get from all my favorite blogs including yours. Blessings Pam

  34. I LOVED this post. I could not have put it any better myself! You are right on point with everything you said!!!

    This is definitely not high school but there are those that try to make it that way. I for one just don't have the time for such foolishness so I just go on my merry way and not feed into all the drama that seems to crop up here and there. The older I get, the less tolerant I get of people...LOL I am getting cranky!!

    Keep on keeping on are awesome and don't forget it!


  35. Oh my goodness--I thought you should have charged more for it! Don't listen to these ridculous people. For heavens sake you didn't twist the arm of the person who bought it, she was thrilled..why does this other person care? I have been lucky to not have had anything happen so far through blogging. I am sure it will someday. you are putting yourself out there while blogging. Just stick with the positive people and try to ignore the rest.

  36. Oh don't let these people upset you..I know..easier said than done...It's all sour grapes...Jealousy. I am very open about what I charge for my items, but never say what I bought them for if I am going to resell. Lesson learned. Don't get side tracked by a few poopy people! Carry on, love your blog


  37. It's a dresser for gosh sakes (I don't know you well enough yet to cuss on your blog). Where can you buy a dresser for less than $45? Less than $100? I think you should price your items at what they should sell for regardless of what you paid for it, how much money you put into it or how much work you put into it. That's just silly and petty that the other blogger would bother to complain to the store owner.

  38. Sounds like a case of jealousy to me ! I'm not a blogger, but I really enjoy following blogs,(thanks for the inspiration!). I'm a 50 yr old nurse and continue to interact with people who should support one another..but instead try to tear down,backstab,create strife,etc.,etc. It truly takes a village in every endeavor in life and we just have to suck it up and carry on. I remind myself daily of the Golden Rule, although it's hard at times !! Try not to fret about it , but instead feel sorry for that very shallow person, I believe in Karma,LOL ....BTW, Love your blog!!

  39. People some days are just down right rude I love your things and so what if it was given to you curb side whatever you took your time and got it cleaned it up etc and as for the clicks I have never been in one nor would I want to try not to let it get you down and know you have many friends even if we never met you and love your talent hugs to you

  40. Okay... So, I read you often, but don't often comment - not because I don't like you or don't love what you do, I just don't have time. I will try to make a better effort! :( On the issue of your blogger "friend", with friends that like, who needs enemies??? Seriously? If she does this herself, why doesn't she get that you have time and material costs involved. Sounds like a case of the green envies. ;) I would just feel sorry for her. And seriously... For a dresser. I don't care if you found it free or not... There is no way I would have put $45 on it. You can't find anything like that for that cheap. That's the whole point! Find something, salvage it and make it gorgeous again and get paid for it. Its what you do! Why shouldn't you profit off it??? Two... I haven't had this happen, but I would be steamed if it did. I always try to give credit, where credit is due - but I also tend to shy away from using other blogger's pictures just in case I goof up and don't give proper credit. When in doubt... Don't. ;) Three... Yes. The cliques. Just like high school. Impossible to get in. But, I've decided just do what I love to do. That's why we do it anyway, right? Although, it does sometimes hurt when you've worked particularly hard on something and don't get the props. Know what I'm saying? And again... Maybe they see you as a threat. Or maybe its just not their taste. Who knows? Who cares? Do what you love and love what you do. And who gives a fig about what everyone else says. :D Keep on doing what you're doing. You inspire more people more than you know. :) Okay, so I think I totally made up for not ever commenting with one really, really long comment. :) Hope your week gets better!

  41. Hmmm... My daughter has a rusted up '66 Chevelle in the back field of the house she and her hubby just bought. It is theirs to do with as they wish. The bought the house, and got a LOT of junk on the property 'to boot'! Now, if they refurbish that rusted out hunk of metal, that cost them nothing, because it brought the appraisal on the house DOWN.... and then they were to turn around and sell it AS A CLASSIC STREET ROD-- MUSCLE CAR no less. And make about 10 GRAND on it... Would that be any different? NO.
    If they took the rest of the junk on their property and loaded it up and took it to the metal scrap yard and made a little bit of money, is that wrong? NO.
    The point is-- you think outside the box. You take what you are given-- and you do something with it. The value isn't just what you see in a curbed piece-- it's value comes from what someone is willing to pay. If the first blogger wasn't willing to pay it, she should have kept her mouth shut, and kept on shopping until she found something in her price range; the blogger who bought, obviously thought it was worth the money-- and saved herself the trouble of remaking the furniture herself.

    No one has addressed the shop owner's part in this deal either. She is not without responsibility, in my opinion. Did she tell you this because your sales are effecting other space rentals- and vendors? Was this a business decision to tell you what the other blogger had said, or did she tell you this to be mean or malicious; instigating trouble? There is a thing called 'DISCRETION' some women have it and some don't.

    I for one, appreciate you calling bloggers out to grow up, be friendly, and above all else practice good net-iquette. Thanks for sharing your story!


  42. Yes, there will always be people who don't understand retail. I get some great finds and had some complaints about selling them too. I know it was silly, my prices are actually a very good deal, but it still stung at the time.

    And the photo thing?? Yes, its always been an issue. I even had someone use my facebook profile photo as their own.

    Sorry about the cliques. I had always heard complaints about that at gatherings, but didn't realize it was also a blog problem.

  43. Hi Nicki,

    I'm so sorry those things happened to you. Those kind of people are their own worst enemy. I love your blog and look forward to it! God bless you and all you do!

  44. Agreed on everything except the price of the dresser... $45 WAS giving it away, your time and physical work are worth MORE than that! :) (Been participating in a lot of pricing workshops around here lately.)

  45. Keep on keepin' on. I so enjoy your blog - you inspire me.

  46. Wow - I would love to find a refurbished dresser for $45.00, curbside find or not! I'll bet it was beautiful.

    Well, I'm in your corner. I hate cliques and always have. Don't let it get you down - keep on doing what you are doing so beautifully!

    By the way, I plan to follow your blog to get ideas and inspiration. Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

  47. Oh my goodness! $45 for a dresser is an incredible bargain. Some people have no clue about what we go through to get our merchandise from point A to point B. To complain about something like this is just plain ignorant. Keep on doing what you're doing and be proud of your curbside finds!!

  48. I would have LOVED the chance to purchase one of your masterpieces for $45.00. Keep calm and curbside on sistah!!!

  49. So on board about the high school quality of the junk field. Vintage Marketplace felt like a huge popularity contest and I was definitely on the outside looking in. There were favorites and there were not. It was painfully obvious in placement. Ah well, I had great neighbors and those of us on the "outs" should just keep plugging along. Forge your own path and be confident in your choices!

  50. I saw this post and wanted to comment before now, but life got crazy. I couldn't believe that ANYONE could find fault with you selling a curbside find...let alone going to the owner about it. I was stunned. Where we come by our tresors matters not. As you said, you took the time and gas to pick it up, clean it up, and paint/distress it. And even if you didn't paint or distress what? Don't let one bad apple spoil it for you...she's most likely jealous of your success. Keep on doing what you're doing. We all love you!
    Blessings & hugs,

  51. You have stirred the pot and I LOVE IT. Your curbside find was none of that woman's business. I mean, come on...was she upset you made money from cleaning it up and finding a new owner? It doesn't make sense that she would complain about that, it's what we all do. Shake her off...she is not worth a minute of your time.
    Sad, really.

    I agree with you about the cliques but it is very evident you have a lot of followers who adore you, you are blessed indeed. Sending love, xo Rhonda

  52. Kudos & hugs to you for addressing all of these issues! We support you! ~ Zuzu

  53. I just adore you and am in your court 100% Nicki (I think you know that from our FB friendship:-). Nobody has the right to stick their nose into how you price things or where you source them, but people do...just an unfortunate part of this business. Sheesh, with your hard work & talent you should have charged more...and that wouldn't have been her business either!!
    As for the photo stealing....oh boy, I'm not going there but you know I'm with ya on that too!

  54. You put so much time, energy and creativity into everything you do. Don't let anything weight you down. Your blog is sincere! Your ideas great!


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