Saturday, May 26, 2012

Girls Rooms

Finishing my girls rooms seems to be an elusive thing....
They keep wanting to switch beds and then rooms, and no one can really decide, so it makes an already difficult undertaking even MORE difficult. 
 {Junk frame I found and added chicken wire to, with butterfly clips that were on sale for .50 cents each}

Soooo mommy is putting her foot down, I think at this point this room is looking more like a big girls room, so it will stay my 11 year olds room and my 4 year old will keep her own room. 
Next we have to make a final decision on if they beds will stay switched as they are now. I have an idea that they might be switching back, so my oldest will have the antique six legged bed back in this room.
Someone pointed out that the lamp is a bit too tall for the table, so I am currently searching for something a bit smaller. It's coming along though.
 Bed placement is difficult....I try to put things in front of windows even though I know that is generally frowned upon. Having small kids who like to rough play in a two story is just plain scary. I've heard of children falling from windows and being seriously hurt or worse, so I choose to block windows for safety over design. Plus in this room there are closets on either side and the door is at the opposite of the bed, so there really aren't any options anyways.


  1. I think it's perfectly lovely; lucky kiddos to have such a creative Mom!

  2. Cute room! And she gets to wake up in the morning with the warm sun on her face. Doesn't get any better than that!

  3. Everything looks so pretty. I really love the butterflies.


  4. KIDS, right? :) My youngest two are turning 21 in a few weeks but I so remember the room dilemmas (although they've always had to share a room -- or as they say, 'we've shared a room since the womb')! I love all of the beautiful touches and they're perfect to let her 'grow' with the room so hopefully you won't have to do this again for a long time!

  5. I like the lamp. You could put it on the desk/vanity :D

  6. What a pretty room.And a chandy too.Wow lucky girl!

  7. This room is so lovely! I agree you need a little shorter and maybe a slightly bigger based lamp. Does that make sense? So well, great job! Blessings, Tammy

  8. Such a pretty room for a very lucky little lady. Love the butterfly artwork!!
    Thanks for linking up to Shabbilicious Friday Nicki. I'll be featuring this in tomorrows round up.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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