Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Bit of Color

I am experimenting with a little bit of color again. I do love mostly white in my house with very small touches of pink, aqua,  gold and silver. But I wanted to add a little more choice for my customers when it comes to furniture. 
What do you think of the blue I picked out? I am even adding some pops of it in my house since I decided I really really like it.
I started small by painting some of the old sap buckets.
 And since I am going to have a booth space this Saturday at the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace I thought it was the perfect time to start playing a little bit with color and see how it goes.
 *Dates & Location*
June 2
June 30
August 4
September 1
Glendale Town Center
Rear Parking Lot
62nd & Keystone
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Check out their page for more info 

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  1. Love it! This is one of my favorite colors. Hope your show this weekend is a huge success!

  2. I wish I was going to be in Indiana for that one! Do you have any sales coming up in August? I'll be visiting my sisses then and we always take a shopping day. Maybe we could check out your booth at the mall.

  3. The color is very pretty~

    Pearl 13.1

  4. Love that color.So pretty and bright for summer too.

  5. Love the color! What is it called? The bucket looks great. Though I love white, I like to add color too. Never have been able to go all white.

  6. My husband just asked me how I'd like to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary and you just gave me the solution...A little drive up to Indy from Bloomington for this event!

  7. I love that color -- I have been experimenting with blues in my home and like the effect. I think it adds interest and warmth but is not over-powering.

  8. Such a simple item but you've made it into something to gaze at.

  9. Oh I really like it....i am just starting to add tiny bits of red to my kitchen,really tiny bits!!!

  10. I think the shade of blue you picked out is so pretty. I would love an all white kitchen with a fridge painted in that shade of blue! ;P

  11. for some reason those blues and pinks (and mints) go with the white. Love that soft pale look!


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