Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Fabulous Vintage Market Comes to Town!!

Most of you know I am going to Springfield Ohio to be part of the Vintage Marketplace show May 18th-20th

I am totally excited about it....but I've got even bigger news!
There is finally a market coming here to Indy!!!

Jon, who runs shows in Ohio, Tennessee, and Connecticut, has an all new market opening up June 2nd.

Woohoooo {*doing the happy dance*} 

This monthly outdoor market is going to be the place to be!! 

So all my fabulous followers, if you are local {or hey even if you aren't and you want to road trip it....everyone loves a road trip!}
please mark your calendars!

Go on over to the new page for the  Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace

Show some love and tell him Nicki from The Vintage Farmhouse sent you.


  1. Well how fun Nicki!! I am sure it will be amazing!!! Hope I can make it out that way , but time will tell. Hubby started a new job and thus not much vacation yet, and working overtime. :(

  2. I wish I were local.I would love to come.

  3. I look forward to meeting you at the Springfield Extravaganza! I attend the fleamarket annually and can't wait to meet all of the Vintage Marketplace vendors this year!! I am squealing with anticipation!! Hugs, Michelle


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