Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chalkboard Table & Flower Pins

This little table would be perfect for a game room or little boys room. 
I forgot to take "before" photos because I was so anxious to get it started.  It had a oogly faux marble painted top. 
I wasn't sure exactly which direction I was going to go with it at first.
At first I was just going to do white legs with a grey top, but as I got to looking at it I thought why not do a chalkboard top on it. 

 My ex husband free handed the map in chalk which I think is just adorable.

I've also been making ruffled flower pins. It started after I made this apron. It was lacking some little something or other, so I made a flower....and then another.....and another.......


  1. Love the flower pins. They are so cute and really add something to the apron..

  2. the table and the pins are totally fabulous!

    i love this!


  3. Love those flowers! The apron is adorable. Love the stool with chalkboard paint. Are the flowers hard to make?

  4. Thank you so much for linking this up on my blog...you've sent me lots of new friends today! I have always loved your style and your link party.♥Linsey

  5. girl do you ever sleep? this table is so cute and so are those pins! I mean CUTE!

  6. As an European living in the USA, I only get the feeling of "home" whenever I see Madonnas, like the picture you have on top.
    There isn't any traditional European home (especially in France, Italy, Portugal or Spain) that doesn't portray a Virgin Mary. I just love it!!

  7. The flowers are just lovely! Your dressmaker's form is looking so very chic.

  8. Your table turned out so cute. And I am more than a little impressed with the "freehand" map. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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