Friday, November 4, 2011

In a Magazine!

I know, I haven't blogged in about a week. My hand got smashed in a car door {who knew you could actually shut a door with a hand in it until it latched?} So it's been a bit painful to type. Creative Things Thursday and features will be back next week.

I wanted to share some fun news!
I got into Creating Vintage Charm Magazine!
Many thanks to Sonia!
You can buy this issue here 
Now that my hand is feeling better I hope to be back to blogging regularly again!


  1. OUCH!! So sorry you hurt your hand but glad that you're feeling better! Congrats on your magazine feature ~ so exciting!

  2. WOW congrats- that is awesome and well deserved. your home is beautiful!
    and hope your hand heals! glad you were able to post today!

  3. So sorry about your hand. Quick healing to you.

    So excited about the magazine. I am truly not surprised, my friend. Girl, you have some major decorating skills!

  4. Oh..I'm very sorry for your hand! I image how pain has your hand!
    I hope you stay well early.

    But I'm very very happy for you regarding the magazine!!
    It's wonderful!
    by Francy

  5. Congratulations on the magazine feature!! So happy for you~and ouch about the hand. That must have killed.

  6. hope you are better, Congrats on the magazine... I have called and left messages... Are you going up to Horton's Nov. 12th let me know... Have a good weekend...

  7. That is WONDERFUL!
    What an accomplishment.

  8. Oh lord, how did you do that...The hand smashing?? Congrats on the magazine!


  9. Congrats!!! Sorry about your hand...that must have been extremely painful...I'm wincing as I write.

  10. Oh no, I would have fainted, for sure. I can't stand pain, I'm a big baby. So glad you are feeling better.

    What big news! Congrats on being in that wonderful magazine.

  11. OWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I hope your hand feels better! Congratulations on the magazine, I just bought a copy! I took a peak at your post below and I just wanted to say that your house is gorgeous!

  12. congratulations! looks like an interesting magazine! Esther from fleurcottage

  13. I am so sorry that your injured yourself that had to be horrible, I hope you did not break your hand. I wanted to congratulate you on your lovely farmhouse being in a magazine!!!!!

  14. Who knew? for sure... didn't know it would close so tightly,huh? Sorry about that; hope you heal up quickly and you'r taking blood thinners (aspirin). Don't want any more problems than just a badly bruised hand for you...
    Great news about the magazine though... going to check it out.


  15. Going to buy this magazine! Great job! Sorry about your hand. Done that myself.. Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Congratulations on the magazine! I hope you get well soon.

  17. Your whole hand! Daaaayum... Owwwwwww!
    and COOL! that you're in a magazine! Congratulations, That's AWESOME!


  18. Congrats Nicki!
    Hope your hand is careful!


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