Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Skeleton in My Garage

Let's start with something pretty...because it makes me feel better......
I have found some lovely bird cages lately.
Ok now the not so pretty.......

You see,  I almost {if you've actually seen it in person and laughed at the almost part then just hush, it's my version of "almost"}
as I was saying, almost had my garage cleaned up and cleaned out.

Then my friend calls {my hoarder friend, the one who has a room full of nothing but costume jewelry} she is cleaning out one of her spaces and wants to know if I want the stuff.
Well it's free, so duh, of course I want it!!

Two trips clear to Greenfield IN later {and get this guys, she wants me to make a third trip tonight because there is more!!}
My garage now looks like this:
 See if you look closely here, there really is a skeleton in my garage. We call him Fred. I put him away last year a month after Halloween, around the time people were getting disturbed by the fact that my two year old would drag him to play in the sand box and have him for tea parties.

Yeah, no lie, this is my garage. And while I am cringing a little I am also jumping up and down with excitement over the fact that I got a ton of cool stuff.

Want to see the overflow that is outside?

 And since it is actually over flowing I have no choice but to have a yard sale tomorrow. 

This is where I will be today....painting furniture and going through my new stash.
If you're local come on out Friday for some goodies. I'll even have a free pile!


  1. This looks like a fun mess...I love fun messes. You can do allot of creative things with this stuff. Love your blog!

  2. FUnny post, although my garage looks scarily similar. I desperately need to have a garage sale!

  3. You have some real treasures there! :) If I lived closer I'd be there on Friday for sure! :)

  4. Nikki, looks to me like I need to come over and do some shopping....


  5. Some totally cool stuff! Wish I was close to you. I'd come to your garage sale in spite of the fact that our garage looks pretty much like this right now too! Filled with all the stuff from last week's sale that didn't we're holding another sale this weekend. Wish us luck! This stuff's gotta go! :-)

  6. Girl you scored big....Do you share your friends? I need to find me some friends like that...LOL! Wish I lived closer too so I could come to your garage sale. I see alot of things I'd love to refurbish.

    Have a lovely day, Nicki! xoxo

  7. Wow wish I lived close to you I would have been ur number one buyer heck my basement looks like this!!!

  8. Just stopping by and wanted to say hello. If I lived close, I'd be by or better yet you could come by my garage. I really do have too many good things (we know everything we collect could be turned into something better).

  9. Crap - just saw this post. Wish I lived closer. You have some very nice friends btw!

    Cindy Bee

  10. How much for the HOT green couch??????


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