Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting Ready....

Horton's French Flea Market theme this year is "La Vie En Rose" 

Which means Life in Pink
 I am so excited and so nervous. This is my first big event.

I have taped out a spot in my living room, 6X6 space, and set up my table. 

I realized that my ruffled table cloth is not large enough...booooo!
I'll have to remake it.

Donna from My Shabby Chateau and I have been emailing. We are going through some of the same stuff. She is getting ready for her big show at the Retreat Vintage Market
It's nice to have someone to compare notes with!

So anyway if you are anywhere near Indiana, Horton's is the place to be July 8th and 9th
{stop by my booth, it will be inside, and say hello!}
if you are near Washington on June 25th Retreat is the place to be!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


  1. I have always wondered about the spaces you see at indoor antique malls and flea markets. I've wondered how would I set up a booth for something such as that? How would I do on the spot with such a little spot? what would a space look like- with staged to sell items?
    ...and you come up with this brilliant idea! taped out 6X6 space in your living room! Brilliant I say!
    I'd love to do something like this to sell things-- I've got tons of ideas, things planned,but just never know where to start... you little statement about your taped out spot-- has been SO insightful to me!
    glad you shared it,

    Good luck at your sale-- I hope you sell loads of stuff, and make a bundle of money. (or am I supposed to say "Break a Leg" or something?

  2. I'll be at Horton's. Can't wait.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Hi Nicki, So excited for you and your adventure to Hortons...wish I lived in the area! I love the theme and looking at what you've already made...I'm sure you will have a wonderful show!
    Those books are beautiful!! Don't forget to take lots of pics!

  4. Nicki- You will definitely see me stopping by to say hi next month. I held my first sale last month during an annual antique show in Waynesville, OH. It was a blast. Lotta work- I filled an entire wrap around porch of my friend's shop. I'm contemplating the Springfield Extravaganza in the fall. Had to get my feet wet first. :-)

  5. Just do a layered cloth...with the current ruffled one over a plain sheet or something! good luck at Hortons!

  6. Hi Nikki,
    You will wow them all at Horton's I am sure of it! It is so nice to have someone else to share thoughts and meltdowns with, haha! Thanks so much for giving a nod to me and my show! I will do the same for you as well! And lucky you that you are indoors! I will be contending with the elements here in the cool and wet Pacific Northwest! Yesterday it got up to a balmy 58 degrees! Sure hope it's warmer and drier by Saturday!!

  7. I AM in the area, and I would LOVE to go to Horton's! If I make it there, I will definitely come find you! So happy to have discovered your blog... I'm your newest follower :)


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