Monday, June 20, 2011

Have I Mentioned.....

That I am excited about Horton's? No seriously I can't contain myself.
You all will surely be SICK of me by the time I am done. 
{Please, please don't be sick of me by the time I am done, I do so adore all of you!}
So apologies in advance for all the gushing on and on about it. {Would it make you feel any better if I promised there are only 16 more days of it?}
I know I have other things to do and to share, but currently my mind is so one track.....
Today I thought I would share with you my little taped 6X6 space while it is in progress. Ignore the complete disorganization. It will surely look very different by the time I am done. This is just it's initial "phase"


  1. Nikki, Not sick at all of hearing about your day in the spotlight. It's going to be fun... your table looks amazing I think you will do well at the sale.


  2. I agree with Pattie!!!
    Everything looks just beautiful!!
    The front of your table looks like the front of my tent in my booth :))
    Great minds think alike!!
    Have a great day and keep on sharing!!
    Love it!!

  3. I am so excited for you Nicki, and love hearing and seeing what you have been creating! I sure wish that I could come and shop at Horton's! Your booth is gorgeous, I love the prayer candles! Is that a wire tea cart you have them displayed on? Love it, great idea! And, I know just what you mean, I am beyond totally obsessed with my show, too! haha!

  4. It looks great to me Nikki! You just keep on talkin' *winks* Vanna

  5. How completely exciting! I would be doing the same thing!

  6. Found your blog and now I am falling in love with all your stuff:*~:*~so soft:*~:*~subtle:*~:*~dreamy:*~:*~feminine:*~:*~This remarkable place you speak of "Horton's" sounds like a fairy tale :) :*~:*~:*~ I am going to have to follow your blog so I can keep up with your "magical" little world:*~:*~:*~ LOVE IT!!

  7. Nicki, I think it is adorable that you are so excited. I don't blame you at all! Thanks for the sneak-peek at the work in progress....everything looks *pretty*


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