Monday, February 7, 2011

A Shout Out to my FAVORITE Etsy Shops

Have you seen these fabulous hand towels from The Growers Daughter? 
They are amazing! When I saw her blog The Growers Daughter I had to go visit her Etsy shop The Growers Daughter Etsy and then I saw the price! I don't get to order much from Etsy due to limited funds, but the price was excellent too!! So I ordered a set. Very excited about these since I am still in the process of re-doing the kitchen and it has a very Frenchy Farmhouse feel so far.

I ♥ these shabylicious nesting cans from Tinkered Treasures. Aren't they just lovely? The colors used for her items in shop are just perfect!

 Here is a shop with  amazing French style paper ephemera, embellishments and trinkets. All amazing items!!

Oooooh how could you not love these? This shop is FULL of fabulous French decor!!
Adorable! This shop has tons of great shabbyfied items. Gotta love this version of Union Jack!!
I think I am in love with these chairs! The Painted Cottage has beautiful furniture pieces and compared to a lot of other furniture shops they have great prices too! (How great would these look in my living room?? Sadly, not in my budget!)
Can you tell I am adoring the pink right now? These are the sweetest Frenchy candles ever!

If you have an Etsy shop you would like to share please leave your link in the comment section! I'd love to see what you have!

Happy Monday!!


  1. I love them all! I am loving pink too, but then again, I always did.

  2. Thanks for all that shabby stuff. I'm feeling better and getting motivated to be crafty...gotta get that craft room cleaned up though!

    Cindy Bee

  3. @Bee Lady
    I'm so torn... i ♥♥♥ the shabby but fight with the hubs because the look can get too cluttered for his taste!
    Glad you are feeling better Cindy!!!!

  4. @Amy @MaisonDecor
    I used to be anti pink...can you believe it? But then I started seeing it used in decor (like your house which is sooo amazingly gorgeous!) that it sold me on pink!


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