Thursday, January 6, 2011

Into The Grey

It's purge time. I was going back over my lists of things to do in the new year and one was to get my dining room set in order. The hutch top matches the buffet bottom but is too large...and does not have shelves. I've had it and used it like this for some time now. I finally had to reason with myself. The internal dialog went something like this "Ya know, that hutch, it looks ominous. The room is too small.  Yes but it's soooo pretty. AND it matches. Ok sure but who cares if it matches when the base is too small, there are no shelves so you can't even use it and it looks OMINOUS in such a small room. You said that already, and, but, well I like it. Uh huh I understand that but you don't use it and you wanted to do something to lighten the load in this room. Omg just shut up already! If you get rid of it already. Ok ok, you're right. I do want that pink fabric from Joann's..........."
So I did talk myself into getting rid of it. If I am totally truthful with myself, I may never get a bottom piece that is large enough or shelves cut for it. That requires either work on behalf of the hubs or money (pretty sure the odds of either are not that good) I listed it on Craigslist last night (just the top piece without the shelves for $50) and I have had 2 replies already. There is some fantastic pale shimmery pink fabric on sale at Joann's that I fell in love with. I saw it the other night when I dragged my mother in law along on a window shopping trip. It would be perrrrrfect for curtains in my living room. I said I wanted something with more "pow"well I ♥ this fabric 100 times over! Ok I digress, back to the dining room, with the top part of the hutch gone I want to hang a large mirror above the buffet and use it as a spot for my collection of antique/vintage cake stands. I have at long last decided I want a light grey on the walls. Since my living room and dining room don't exactly have a good separation point, grey will go on the walls in both rooms. I know this is the point where I could go with two different colors to define the spaces, but I want them to seem more unified. We have large dinners that spill over into the living room. I don't want guests feeling as if they are separated from room to room. If you didn't see it in a previous posting here is the post to remind you of what the room looks like (it's not bad, it just hasn't reached it's full potential!)
Also I just found this blog all about French Provincial furniture. Sooo excited! almost every piece of furniture I own is in this style. Anywho...time for some inspiration pictures....and if anyone has any suggestions on what color to paint my dining table, I am listening!! ♥♥

More of blue in this but pretty!
I like this grey but it's a bit too dark for me

Oh if only I were brave enough to do this much pink!! ♥

This is the general "idea" of what I like

The fabric I found is similar to this Shabby Chic Rachell Ashwell from Target
I am thinking similar paint to this table
I have a mirror similar to this (but needs painted) to hang above the buffet)

I know it is kind of dark but I really like the look of these!   



  1. Great pics Nicki! I just painted my hutch a great color creamy and soft called vanilla custard by dutch boy.Check it out posted on my blog. I'm thrilled with it! I want to paint my walls too! I have the same thing where if I paint the dining room it connects to the LV room so I better love what I pick! Have a great day! Traci

  2. Great inspiration! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. P.s. Thanks for sharing your story! It really is wonderful about your ex for your kids sake! :)


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