Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Projects/Resolutions

1) Refinish my dining room table and chairs. It's lovely vintage French with curvy legs and wicker back chairs. I bought it off of Craigslist 3 years ago and it came with a HUGE lighted cabinet for $200 and the guy delivered it to me from Fort Wayne. But it is shedding it's paint and is in dire need of something.....unsure if I want to do the original color, white, or perhaps grey. I also need to recover the seats.The cabinet sits on a buffet that is too short for it and doesn't look quite right. Which leads me to project number 2......
2) Find a buffet/cabinet that is long enough for the top cabinet so it looks right. Have Dear Hubby cut some glass for the shelves. Three years and no shelves in it still!!! We recently discovered that we have a glass cutter and got some glass for free from Craigslist. Now it is just a matter of doing it!

3) Guest Room!! As some of you already know my ex husband occupies the guest room most of the time so that he can spend quality time with the kids. It's the only room in the house that I really have not touched at all since we moved in. Someone spray painted "Bike" on the wall before we were here. Yeah, I have no idea why either! One wall is dark wood paneling. There is a place for a ceiling light and yet, it's the only downstairs room where I have not hung a chandelier. Here is a picture before the ex over ran it with his things......
Oh so scary. I think this room should be top priority!!
 3) The hallway at the top of the stairs. When we moved in it was Hunter Green. No lie! Now it's a creamy white...but that is about all I've done. We tried to hang a chandelier to replace the old fan with the HUGE globe light...that didn't work. Something about the wiring. Every light we tried to hang would not work but every time we wired the fan back in it worked perfectly. It's conspiring against me! I've hung a mirror, tried several different pieces of furniture. Nothing seems to soothe the space. It's not a rectangle hallway, there are weird angles. But this year, well some thing has got to give!! 

4) Paint the dining room and living room. It's all one crusty old shade of beige. Don't get me wrong, I love beige and white and neutrals. This though is too much. It's not even all matching beige. Someone started painting, forgot what shade of beige they were using and finished up the walls in a different shade. Only off by a hair but when the light hits right it looks dirty. I'm thinking very light grey or antique white with bright white trim....maybe even one wall with wallpaper or stencil to add a little "pop". 

5) Window treatments! When we moved in I put up all white lace curtains. It is now most definitely clear that if I am going to use so many light colors and neutrals that I need something pretty, silky maybe even. Some thing other than white lace. Also curtain rods....we don't have money so I used all cheap-o white generic rods. I'd like to find (or make) some thing more substantial than that. 

6) The hardwood floors....oh my the hardwood floors. I love hardwoods. The ones in this house.....not so much. I don't think they have ever been refinished and I am pretty sure at night when the house is quiet I can hear them crying, begging someone for some love and attention. 

7) Getting rid of the rest of the "terra cotta" trim on the outside of the house. Ugggggg I HATE it.  

8) Front yard landscaping. I want some curb appeal! Even though we are not in a neighborhood and the closest houses are a couple of acres or more away, I want something out front that says "welcome home!" Last spring I planted A LOT but it still seems unorganized. So if I can clear up that little problem I will be happy. Also mulching out back in the woods so I can have pathways to pick some of the thousands of blackberry bushes that grow on the property!!

9) The garage....I've had plans to turn it into a store, then I start it and don't get it finished. I need the hubs help with a lot of it and well....that's like pulling teeth with rusty pliers!
10) Both the shed and the chicken coop. The coop needs re-roofed and new electrical run....and a door and a window to keep out the elements. Then it can be a potting shed/work shed. The shed is a spot I would LOVE to turn into a playhouse for the kiddo's.


  1. Oh my ex-husband living in the same house. I cannot imagine! I'd probably leave that room for last. But it's going to be fun watching all of your house renovations.

    You know...I just thought of something. You might get inspired by visiting the tiny little store at damask designs. It's close to Rossville or Sedalia, Indiana. Maybe an hour from you. They turned a cute little potting shed into a store. You can find their blog listed on the sidebar of my blog.

    Anyway Happy New Year to you and I'm also looking forward to your party progress. I envision this being a wonderful year for you. You've got your goals set so it's a good start.


  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR wow you already have your year planned out i am so excited to see how your party goes i cant wait to see your dress- i have decided to take one room at a time instead of making a long list my first thing is painting the kitchen then adding new hardware this is an easy project so i hope to have it done by February wish me luck


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