Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kitchen Make Over Day

Well I thought I was going to be lounging in bed going through magazines...and then the sun came out and the make over bug bit me! In a previous post I had mentioned a cute yellow china cabinet and how it has moved from room to room trying to find a home and a purpose. A couple of you had commented that it should go in the kitchen for my china. So I took your advice (much to my hubby's chagrin since he had to move it down a flight of stairs) and had it placed in my kitchen. I really really do love it there and it is now perhaps my favorite piece of furniture in the house! I am currently waiting for him to cut shelves for it. Of course once the cabinet came down and I looked around I realized it was time to do some updating, cleaning and perhaps a make over! My kitchen sink is a sad little place. There is an insert in the cabinet below it that refuses to stay put. I have several panels of vintage cream and blue curtains that I LOVE but that are too short for my windows. So I took one panel and tacked it on under the sink, covering the icky cabinet. I took all of my nik naky things from the shelves around the sink and replaced them with some greenery. The nik naky things will go in the cabinet once the shelves are cut. (P.S. don't pay attention to the surrounding mess!! It's a work in progress!!)
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$10 Ebay find!

The "After"

Sink area is a mess!

Eeew The "Before"

Top of the fridge

Chandy Nightlight


Nik Naky things


  1. Oh how lovely.. Great job! Looks very welcoming and gorgeous!

  2. I love the chandy nightlight in the kitchen....cute! Great job on the china all goes so well together!!!

  3. Thank you! I found the nightlight in the Goodwill Outlet bins. The crystals are glass which was such a happy find! I've seen a few similar at Target but the crystals were acrylic.


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