Monday, November 22, 2010

Closet Work Space?

Well this should be see, we live in a 5 bedroom house which seems like a lot of space. But I do not have an office. Each of the children has their own room and the guest room downstairs is almost always being occupied by my ex husband. Yes, I realize that is a weird situation but he stays here a lot to spend time with the his kids. We all get along great and it is beneficial to the children. Anyway, that is a whole other story for another day!
My computer desk is in my bedroom. The only space we could put it was nearly in front of my husbands closet. So every time he gets into his closet I have to move. The reason I chose this bedroom when we moved here is because it had a built in window seat. Then over time I realized someone had run a power cord from the inside of my closet, under the window seat, through my husbands closet and underneath his closet door to plug in things. Ugh! Can we say "Fire hazard!!" Then they had run the cable cord right through his closet and out on the top of the window seat so that we couldn't open it. So after being here for a year an idea began to form.....I measured my desk, measured the opening in front of the window...low and behold it is a perfect fit. Out came the screw driver and hammer!! I'd seen this awesome closet/work space in Country Living magazine and though "Hey, I can do that!" Except it's not a closet, but it is a very tight space, which in my mind is about the same thing. Plus I have the benefit of having a window! Then there are the little built in shelves which are perfect for my books and things.
So far the window seat has been torn out. I tried my hand at dry walling today to patch over some holes. (Definitely not going as fantastically as I had hoped) And slapped a coat of bright white paint on. Thought I'd update you all while I am waiting for paint to dry before I put another coat on. And of course share the picture from Country Living Magazine that gave me part of my inspiration for this project. I will share pictures from start to finish when I am done!!

From Country Living Magazine


  1. I love that you get along with your ex-husband!~ what a wonderful thing~ most people are not emotionally sophisticated enough to do that. Can't wait to see the finished "office." Best of luck to you~ your newest follower :)~ Carrie @ Hot House Market

  2. With that photo for inspiration you are off to a great start!!


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