Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Have "Issues" (Confessions of a Magazine Addict)

I don't know about most people, but in this internet age there is still something to be said about a high gloss home decor magazine that makes me go ga-ga. It's a real problem, I'll admit that. My sister and her Bf recently bought their first home, so about a month ago I gave her all of the magazines I had in my current stash for ideas. I am already back up to several dozen magazines. They can be found everywhere throughout my house. I try to go through them and tear out my favorite pages which I then put into plastic sleeves and store in a binder to drool over at my leisure. But I just can't help myself and get carried away with the collection!


Great catalog!!

One months worth of "collecting"

My binder

It's a cold dreary Sunday here today. So I am going through the house, picking up all of my mags and bringing them to my bedroom, where I can lay in bed with my coffee and tear out pages. The left over mags will then go to the recycling bin today. I give it a day or two before the house is covered in home decorating magazines again. Does anyone know of a magazine collectors anonymous group perhaps?


  1. I completely understand :)...I seem to have this addiction too, but hey...It seems like it is one of the better addictions to have!
    {p.s. Welcome to my blog:)}

  2. Oh do I understand and relate.. You have a very nice blog and I will be following it to see what other things we share..

  3. As another magazine addict I can totally relate to this. How clever of you to make a binder. It is something I've often thought about doing but never got around to. My mags just keep piling up. I haven't got the heart to chuck them out. Hopefully that wont be that such a problem much longer, because we have finally got around to redecorating what is to become our library. With plenty of bookshelves, there should be space enough for my magazines too.
    Speaking of magazines, I've got a new favourite: "25 beautiful homes". Sooo much inspiration.


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