Friday, November 19, 2010

China Cabinet

I have this china cabinet that I won on Ebay last summer for $10. I've moved the darned thing from room to room trying to figure out what I want to do with it. It's smaller than a regular cabinet so at first it was in my youngest daughters room. There is not a closet in her room so I thought I might take out the glass, put in some rods and pretty fabric in the doors so she would have a little wardrobe. But her room is sort of small and if I did that I would have to get rid of the miniature antique sofa with a down filled cushion. (and the sofa is sooooo adorable!) So then it went down stairs to my kitchen because I have VERY limited cabinet space and no pantry. My idea there was to paint it, fabric the doors instead of glass and keep my pantry goods in it. Then I decided well it's just too adorable for a kitchen space. Soooo it went back out to my garage until I decided it HAD to come back into the house because it's just too sweet to get all dingy in the garage. Back in the house it came! Currently it resides in my oldest daughters room where she just uses it as a a catch all : (
Now as I am preparing the garage to turn into a shop I am thinking of all the possibilities of putting it out there again....or maybe replacing my huge hutch in the dining room with it. I REALLY can't decide. But I would love to get something done with it and give it a forever place somewhere!! (or at the very least a forever until I decide it needs re-purposed yet again!) Suggestions?


  1. I don't have ny suggestions, but $10...that was a WIN!!
    So happy to have come upon your blog, it's lovely!
    I look forward to following along with you through lifes many adventures!!

  2. That is a cool price for just 10.00 bucks! Maybe since your going to have a shop you can place all the bling goodies and display them in there. Hope to see what changes you do to it....Tallulah's

  3. Such a great piece for $10.00! How about your family room?

  4. wow...$10.00 for such a beautiful cabinet! maybe put it in your kitchen and display your pretty dishes???? ~Deb~

  5. I agree with Deb. Put it in your kitchen and display all your nice glasses and cups and such. How about decorating it with a wall sticker over the glass doors?

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments!! I am going to go ahead and get it put in the kitchen to display some of my many china pieces and nik naks!

  7. How do you think it would look against the wall at the top of the stairs?


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