Monday, March 16, 2015

The Vintage Farmhouse Brick & Mortar

 So, I did it!!!
Somehow in between the million and two things that kept happening I opened a store in only a weeks time!
I thought I had three weeks, but life happened and time slipped away. But I pulled it together in a week and I am crazy happy with the result!
 Saturday was the grand opening and there was an amazing turn out! 80% of what you see in these photos is sold!!!
I wish I had gotten more pictures but by the time I was finally set up I think I was walking in a fog of exhaustion!!

I will be restocking regularly, new items every day. Hope that you can come out and see me!

17610 Joliet Rd
Westfield Indiana

Open Monday & Tuesday 10am-2pm
The second Saturday of every month from 10am-4pm
And by appointment

Shop online at


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the new store and the amazing open house turnout and sells!

  2. Oh how awesome Congrats on the new shop. Wooo Hooo you have some wonderful treasures to sell.
    I can see how a lot sold they are all awesome.

  3. Looks beautiful and just the place I love to shop. Congratulations

  4. Had fun at your opening! Speaking of fog, had to drive home in it. The next time I come to the store it will be during the day, no rain, no dark, no fog, and no orange barrels!

    Cindy Bee


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