Tuesday, March 3, 2015


February was a strange month for me. Now it's March and I find myself wishing and hoping for Spring to get here soon.

I'm recovering from the stomach flu, and a very dear friend passed away last week {the latter of which I don't think I will ever recover from}

And so I just want Spring. 
Sunshine, flowers, and birds chirping.

 I'm currently making nests for the shop. 
I can't wait to get in there this weekend and decorate for the grand opening on March 14th.


  1. I am so sorry your friend passed away and that you have stomach flu.
    I know so many people who have been really sick this winter,
    We all are waiting on spring and the birds singing and welcoming us to a new season of beauty and peace.
    Get better quick

  2. I think we are all hoping for spring to get here as soon as possible! I know I am! Sorry to hear about your friend . . . I'm sure they blessed your heart for having known them.

  3. Know one can't resist a sweet spring nest...I know I sure can't.
    So pure and good.


  4. These little nests are just adorable. I just discovered your blog today and so glad that I did. I'm an artist who adores birds, feathers, and all nature and love a farmhouse (hope to have one someday) I was intrigued by your comment about never opening a brick and mortar shop again. I've felt the same way, but lately I find myself praying for an opportunity. I will be watching your journey. blessings on all of your plans.


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