Thursday, February 19, 2015


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I know, I know! I've pretty much been the queen of white for the last couple of years and all white French Nordic spaces have been so so hot and trendy but lately I am feeling the black.

I am in love with a pop of dark in each room.
It used to be that black painted furniture conjured up images of dusty musty old primitives in someone attic, but not any more!!
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  It plays well with so many colors and styles.

It can be elegant
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It can be industrial.
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 It can be classic
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 It can be eclectic
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There are so many ways to add it to a home.
I'm currently seriously digging MMS Milk Paint in Typwriter. For me it is the perfect black to paint furniture with. Wax it with dark wax to bring out the beauty and add some wow. 

To see more ideas on adding a touch of black to a room check out my Pinterest board filled with dark lushness from around the internets.

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Very pretty inspiration pieces. I love black mixed in with my mostly neutrals. This week I am painting our bedroom dresser black.
    Elizabeth ~Rustic Maple

  2. Always love your inspiration Nicki!! :)

  3. I am a lover of black! When we lived in CA and I did the Vintage markets, I stood out like a sore thumb in the sea of white and Shabby. It was awesome!! That vanity in your photos is amazing!

  4. Hi! I stumbled across your blog by randomly googling 'vintage farmhouse' because I needed a little inspiration this morning, and I'm so glad I did. I also love the look of a pop of black in an otherwise mostly white space, so I was eating up this post ... and then ... eureka! I found myself in your pin board pic! I painted that old black magic dresser that you pinned from Miss Mustard's blog. I'm quandie! It's always a goofy little thrill to me when I find myself pinned somewhere! So, just wanted to say hi! And thanks for pinning me :-)

    1. Nice to "virtually" meet you!! LOVED that dresser!!! Great job!!


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