Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Nashville Show

I'm almost recuperated from the Nashville show last weekend. We had a great time!!
Here are a few pictures from our booth

  And here are a few I managed to get of some others!
Here's Kim and David from City Farmhouse

How cool is that cupploa?

 Here is Rust n Chippy's
I finally got to meet these two after being Facebook friends with them forever. I adore them.
 I was pretty much in love with this chippy black cabinet. If we weren't moving in six months this would have gone home with me {as well as about a truckload of other things too!}

Also I am pretty sure black is making a come back in a BIG way. 
Every room needs a touch of it.

 This one is Angel in the Woods
Another Facebook friend! It's like a mini Facebook party when we travel out of state. 

 And another pop of black.....see I'm telling you, it's coming back!
 This guy....Glenwood....
I was next to him at the last IAVM and his set up is amazing. There were all these interesting little bits and bobs in the nooks and cranny's of then shelving unit. Every time you walk by you see something that you didn't see the first time.


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  1. Glenwood's setup reminds me of a giant printer box. Looks like it was a great show.


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