Monday, September 8, 2014

A Trip to the Dunes

For our 6th wedding anniversary the hubs and I decided to head up north to Indiana Dunes. 

When I was younger we used to visit my grandparents in Connecticut every year, but as an adult time and money kept us from anything that would qualify as a vacation. 

Then after my nightmare with blood clots {read more on that here}
we've discovered that I will never be able to fly and long car rides even give me terrible leg pain. 

This caused some amount of depression for me, realizing that I would never again see the beach from my childhood which I loved and adored to no end. 

Little did I know that there was an amazing beach only 2 hours north from us!!

I've never been north of where I live. I pretty much knew there were beaches but I thought it's a can't possible be the same. 

So we had a little money in our pockets and decided on a whim to take a trip and see what all was up that way for our anniversary {It can't be worse than just settling for a trip to McDonald's...seriously guys.....we've done that before for our anniversary!!}.

Holy cow!!!!

No one ever told me how much like the ocean it was and that it would be amazing!

 We are already planning a week long family vacation for up there next Summer!!


  1. That is too funny! I was the exact same way ~ my husband grew up at the Jersey Shore and I spent all my childhood vacations there. Now we're near Chicago and I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that people loved "the Lake" as in Lake Michigan. It can't be like the ocean, we thought! Well, he took a job in MI 2 years ago and we have been going to St. Joseph MI beaches. They're awesome! So glad you discovered the beaches and had a good time!

  2. So glad you enjoyed it Nicki. We love Michigan and used to vacation there quite often. Dave and I went to the beach in Michigan City (same huge ocean-like lake!) this past summer for an over night get away.

    Cindy Bee


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