Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Living Room Changes

 Changes are happening and it feels sooooo GOOD.

If you are anything like me, then you know how hard it is to decide on a style. This old house has gone through an absurd amount of changes in the last 5 years. 

It finally took me taking time off of Pinterest and Facebook and really concentrating on just who I am, and what my personality is to arrive at a look that I LOVE. 

Most of you know I have a white obsession. I am easily overwhelmed by too much of anything {light, sound, color, even too much decor} so white has been a calming presence. But too much white can lack personality and look a bit on the sterile side, so where do you really go from there??

Well for me personally, I had to look at my personality, who I am and what I love.  
 I am a natural girl. I'm rarely do makeup except for some black eyeliner on occasion....so it made sense to let my feelings on that reflect the house too. Natural with a touch of black for a chic "pop".
I found a coffee table that I fell in love with on Overstock 
It reminds me of Restoration Hardware {which I mostly can't afford with the exception of my Remy dining room chairs}
The clock in the Background above the couch {I know, not a good pic!!} is from HomeGoods.  {I've been WAY too HomeGoods Happy lately!! Shhhh}
The grain sack down stuffed pillows are from 530 Resale

The vintage ice cream stool inside the fireplace is a $3 yard sale score, and the giant crock under there was a gift from a friend. The rug was a $20 find and candle sticks by the sofa were $35 on a Facebook For Sale site.

 This much white begs for some color, and I have always loved ferns so I felt like it was the perfect compliment to the natural woodsy feel that was happening in the house. I found the ferns on the mantel at Target and the one in the dish on the coffee table I found at an Antique Store last February while I was in Tennessee.

Here's another "chic" piece. This table I bought from Urban Farmhouse
I think it breaks up the expanse of white on the walls on that side of the room perfectly. I like the way it pairs with the starburst mirror from Target. 
{tray on table is also from Urban Farmhouse}
 See the giant scale in the corner? I have plans for that once we redo the cabinets in the kitchen. Right now there's not a good place to put it though since it weighs like 200 pounds!!

 Here's a dusk photo. One of the candles I have made for the house. This one is "Tobacco Shop" and smells like woods and leather and heaven. 

I'm slowly {kids and health and a bazillion other reasons are dictating the time I have to work on things} but surely getting finished in the dining room and the kitchen. Here are a couple of sneaks peaks going on in those rooms.....


  1. Love all the whites.. I tend to lean towards neutrals myself.
    That candle sounds lovely...

  2. Love it all. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so charming. I love all the white and charm in your home... Looks wonderful~~~!

  4. At last someone else with the same sensory exhaustion I experience. I too live with white and palest grey on my walls and furnishings, with hints of latte, black, pewter or gold. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I too like a lot of white. But then I like color too. I guess that's why I like to change things up for the seasons every year so I get to add different colors to my sea of white. Last winter I did something similar you what you have done and added alot of black in different ways. I love it. Much like you seem to be loving the look. Your room is looking amazing, your style is so comfy and fresh looking.

  6. Just saw this...thanks for the mention! Looks gorgeous, now can you come redo my house?


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