Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Time

And the living is easy.....

So now that that lovely little ear worm is hopelessly stuck let's move on!

I know, it's not even summer yet but it feels like it. 

Other than our Summer Market I've been keeping my nose out of blogworld and Facebook and just work in general to take time and enjoy life.
 I've been gardening {and enjoying the fruits of my labor}
I've been cooking, A LOT! 
{pasta with garlic wine sauce tossed with shrimp and steak}
I've been visiting every local garden center I can find and loading the truck with plants until it can fit no more!
 I've been hanging out with the kiddos and going to end of year field trips.

I've been buying lots and lots and lots of Lush Bath bombs because they are amaaaaazeballs!

And making candles in some of my favorite scents.
 I've been working on porch's still not there but it's getting closer.
 I've been buying fun things for the home. 
{in LOVE with this old bread rack}
I've been searching for some jewelry and found a ring in my big ol fat finger size! 
{Sterling and turquoise from the antique mall}
 And I've been HomeGoods Happy {far too many times this month}
So even though I haven't been working much, or socializing much what I have been is still very very busy. Busy slowing down and doing things for me and for my family that are enjoyable and fun.
I'm a warm weather gal and am happy to finally be able to soak it all in after the long cold winter that we had. 


  1. Nikki,
    Your porch is looking so inviting. Glad you are enjoying this great summer that we are having now in the midwest. That winter was way too long and harsh. Sunny and 70's here today. Loving every minute. I am a big summer girl too. Enjoy.

  2. LOVE LOVE AND LIVE for Summer here! Looks like you are taking full advantage of it. That bread rack by the way is TO DIE FOR! My girls introduced me to Lush -- agree -- the bombs are THE BOMB! LOL

  3. Nikki,
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog! I think I remember reading a post from you awhile back regarding your farmhouse & was just wondering how things went.....did things work out for you? We are selling our current house in a subdivision in Talbott, Tennessee & taking a leap of faith to get back to the farm. We are getting ready to "rent" a farmhouse in hopes of buying it in the future. The person we are renting from had originally agreed to sell it to us, but has since decided to just rent for the time being. I thought I remembered reading a post from you with a similar circumstance....guess I'm just seeking words of



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