Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home is Where Your Heart Is

Hi everyone!
My name is Nicki and I am so excited to be joining a wonderful group of bloggers over the next few days for the Heart's at Home Tour.
 Our home truly has become our "heart". 
We decided to make the move from the city where I was born, raised and lived all my life to an area that was small town and felt more country in November of 2009.

For the last four years we have raised our kids here, and built a business based around our farmhouse that was built in 1900. 

I took the leap from "city girl" to "country girl" and we got chickens.

 I bought an old truck for "pickin".
And started gardening.

 I even took up canning!!
 Recipe and tutorial HERE

We've cram packed a whole life time of memories into just four years here. I've learned the "home" is so much more than the four walls that surround you.

It's the chocolate kisses from your "helper" in the kitchen.
 It's the snuggle time with your favorite pets.
It's all of the LOVE that you squeeze into those four walls.

Again, I am so thrilled to be joining 14 other amazing bloggers for this tour. I hope you will pop in and visit each of them! 

Wed. 1/29

Thurs. 1/30

Fri. 1/31

Sat. 2/1


  1. Nicki…ala "Green Acres". But you have embraced farm living! Terrific post! Thank you for sharing with us on our tour.

  2. I love your farmhouse Nicki!! It's beautiful! Makes me want to sit on your swing and relax!

  3. Love your beautiful farmhouse! You are lucky to be able to raise your own chickens!

  4. What a charming farmhouse! You are so lucky to be raising your children in such a lovely place...and with chickens!

  5. I love your home! I love that you've countrified your life and I'm jealous of your chickens! :)

  6. Your home is just so amazing and I love how you've embraced the country life! So thrilled to be part of this tour with you this week!

  7. Love your farmhouse and your style- so charming!

  8. What a beautiful home and lifestyle you have created there for your family Nicki. How could you be anything but happy with such a beautiful setting. Love those sweeting hens of yours!

  9. I love your blog and your home!


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