Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is Facebook killing Blogs?

*Tap tap tap*
Is this thing on?

I feel like this last year I have been a terrible blogger! It seems that with such a huge boom in social media so many have abandoned the blogosphere.

Have things like Facebook and Instagram killed blogging?

I know I spend a LOT of time on my Facebook business page because it is so much more interactive and easier to answer questions, give shout outs to friends and share pretty pictures. Plus I have almost 100,000 followers there. 

Yep almost 100,000.....don't ask, I have no idea how it happened without paying for advertising. If there was a magic answer to it, trust me, I would share!

Anyway, this is just what I woke up with on my mind this morning. I have no intentions of abandoning my blog, but I do apologize for being a bad blogger!

I've also been crazy busy between opening the shop, selling online, prepping for Hobnob, and now I have been asked to be a special guest at Swanky Artisans  Crafty You Class. {Which filled up immediately after she made the announcement that I was joining and makes me super crazy nervous!}

Oh yeah and I am a little super early Christmas decorating. As most of you know we lost almost all of my many years of Christmas hoarding  decor in flooding this past Spring.

Someone actually had told me to "Look on the bright side, you can go buy all new stuff now!
Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, not here {we weren't blessed with money but we were blessed with lots of craftiness and love ♥} I have my usual budget of $0 to work with but I am workin it! 

Our tree was safe and we have been handcrafting goodies out of stuff we already have around the house. Planning to keep it simple this year!


  1. It is so good to hear someone else is thinking what I've been thinking for many months now! I used to blog at a different URL, I started about 5 years ago and I had tons of interaction, comments and fun doing it. Then my situation and business name changed, so I started over at a new URL and then Facebook and Instagram took off like rocketships. Now, I spend most of my time on my Facebook business page and sometimes forget to blog! I enjoy Facebook because of the instant interaction, and it's been a great way to advertise what's new in my shop to my local customers. Isn't it strange how things cycle in and out and change. I wonder what the next big thing will be?!?!

  2. I think that is the idea. Facebooks intention anyway. I have never liked FB even though it did do alot more for my etsy shop. But i have been blogging for 7 yrs and still like it best. I will be one of the few to remain on my quiet blog. Eventually people will burn out from the instant everything on FB and instagram and pinterest and twitter.

  3. I think blogs & FB can work hand in hand. We need to watch out for them though. Work to drive people back to the blog. Don't give it all away on FB …give a teaser and the rest on the blog. Sorry to hear there isn't a magic formula for almost 100k fans… :(
    New to you & enjoying your blog

  4. Love your honesty..So sorry to hear about the damage & loss you sustained..Your $0 budget will make for an even more beautiful and meaningful holiday season..One filled with ingenuity, strength, creativity and love..I too am approaching 100,000 followers..It takes dedication and work to gather a large following..As for the blogging I am trying to post more but I will admit to being addicted to Instagram..I struggle to do all of it while running an on-line business, and most importantly my family life..But I do all of it for me and my loyal followers..On tough days these lovely people from all parts of the world sustain me, lift my spirits, inspire me, and appreciate my inspiration and creativity every day..Keep doing what you love..Your page and blog are lovely..xo..

  5. I've noticed that many bloggers seem to spend more time on FB now than in the past. I wouldn't even be on FB if it weren't for my book club.
    Congrats on your success over there..... :D

    I hope some of my favorite blogs don't disappear as a result of FB....that would make me so sad!

  6. Thank you for writing and posting on this subject. I have been blogging for about 3 years and have recently joined FB... wand it's been interesting to see the growth (much faster than in blogland) - google+ via default as my blog is on Blogger (now also google owned) is also gaining a following for my little blog ...I have been thinking about Instagram - would love to hear more of your thoughts on it. Cheers, c. (HHL)

  7. So sad about the flood. Like you said making it simple may be the way to go. it will be a fun post when you show us what you ended up doing. I spend a lot of time on FB and blogging. I still love reading posts on other people's blogs.

  8. Interesting subject.... first, so sorry about your flood, don't try stringing popcorn, I did one year and it took forever! I know you will make fabulous ornaments from $0. I do both FB and Blogging and find that it equally helps with sales. Although FB is great for interaction it is only good for minimal interaction it does not allow for tutorials or long posts about anything. I think it is good for a adding a link to get people to read your blog post. I get a lot of help from Blog tutorials, I would hate to not have that...I think they can work together until we are all forced to use Google + or some other crap that google will toss our way for blogger...Then I am out of blogging.


  9. Tanto FB como el blog tienen sus ventajas, pero el blog te da la oportunidad de explayarte mejor, de subir tutos, de dar seguimiento a las conversaciones, FB es en este casó una referencia tu blog, para que lo visiten, pero yo sigo pensando que nada como el blog.

  10. Great topic!
    Over the past year or so, I sort of abandoned my blog to work on magazine features. Then just a few months ago, I finally started a FB biz page.
    I never intended to abandon my blog, but I had to hold back all of my best images and photo shoots until the magazines were released. I think it just became faster and easier to Facebook instead of blog.
    But I've slowly started posting on a more regular schedule. After all, I owe every bit of success I've had in the publishing world to my blog, so I feel that abandoning it would be wrong.

    Having said ALL that.....see ya on Facebook! ;-)

  11. Good question! I am Debbie from Mermaids of the Lake. (we are an online women's magazine and also have a blog) We have not abandoned our blog, but we have definitely slowed down and our number of comments shows it. We have lots of interaction on our fb page. I just spent several full days working on some blog revamping to sort of rev things up again! I also have my own blog, so between the social media for it and also Mermaids of the Lake, it can get kind of crazy! Now, for me personally.... I enjoy Facebook. I enjoy your Facebook page, but I love being able to visit a blog and see the larger images and read and feel like I am getting to know the blogger a bit. Keep up your inspiration! I love it. Mermaids of the Lake loves it!

  12. I think simple Christmas decor is always the most beautiful. It has an elegance and heart to it that the over-the-top decor will never have. I also think tragedies like your flood remind us of what is truly important. It's not all the things that were lost, but that your family got through it safely.

    I've been blogging since 2005, and my blog never had a huge following. I started over four years ago, and it still hasn't taken off. I'm not sure what it is about some blogs that makes them take off and why others just don't. Now, I have noticed that I have a lot more followers and participants on my FB page, and I have a lot more followers on Pinterest. Not so many on Google +. But every single connection I make, no matter what venue it happens on means the world to me.

    I don't think FB is killing blogs. I think like someone else said, we have to give snippets on our FB page, teasers and such, and direct them to our blogs rather than just giving them everything on FB.



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