Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hobnob Market

We are 20 kinds of excited to be joining the Hobnob Market again!
If you've never been, I promise you you will LOVE it! Holly and Scott know how to put on an absolutely amazing show with spectacular vendors!!

I have been working away the last few weeks on all sorts of Holiday Farmhouse goodies to bring!

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  1. I want to go! I bet your booth is *to die for* especially with all the Christmas loveliness!

  2. I hope to make it - it sounds wonderful. Love your deer picture above and ornaments.

  3. I like those birds trimmed in glitter I am trying to make angel wings trimmed in glitter , need help LOL

  4. Sweet items for the booth! ~ I bet these will be flying out the door for you! ~ Wish I could make it, I'd be drooling all over the place looking at everything for sale! ~ Have a wonderful time!


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