Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Difference 4 Years Can Make

I've been in Spring cleaning mode, which includes clearing out the bazillions of photos on the computer. I confess....I am a photo hoarder. There are blurry photos of the corner of my couch. Seriously.
It's time to delete some of this mess. 

The process has been enlightening. It's easy to forget what things looked like just under four years ago. 
{Maybe this is why I hoard photos!?}

Sometimes I get frustrated and see all the little things I wish I could get done on this house. I've been wanting to get the walls painted in the living room and the chandelier changed out.
Since this photo was taken I have already changed out the curtains to white, painted the curio grey with a white interior, bought different tables, made new pillows, gotten rid of the wall scroll and the pedestal, and painted the mirror.
But when I look at it I still see what still needs to be done. 
 and then I look back.......
 What the WHAT??? REALLY? This is where I started when we moved here. Holy COW!! I've come a loooooong way baby! 

Like I said, it's easy to forget what things looked like just four years ago. It's great to have photographic reminders. After four years on little to no budget..... I need to be proud and not worry so much about the things that haven't been done yet. 

 Became this....
 Our kitchen came a very long way also.
 Most of these transformations have been simply decluttering and paint!
  WAY too big hutch sitting on the buffet.....

 I kept the buffet, just got smart about the ridiculously large hutch and sold it.
  Even the outside got a make over.

 It's still the same house that I have loved from the beginning but it's had time to grow and improve. 
Hopefully looking back on these photos will leave an impression in my mind and help me to remember patience is the key to loving an old house.


  1. Beautiful Nicki!What an amazing transformation.The power of white paint!LOVE white it makes the perfect backdrop canvas!So easy to decorate with a white palette and you can easily add a little color if you want.Oh yes my home went from Gold walls to white :-).


  2. sure is interesting to see the changes isn't it? It looks so much prettier now but still with the vintage feel I can see you always loved!

  3. Terrific Post Nick! I know exactly how you feel. I too lose perspective when I look around my house. It's amazing what a trip thru the photo drawer can do for ya. Yeah I said photo drawer. Way before there were digital cameras the masses could afford. It's been 19 years since we bought this house, so not only did we make improvements, but my tastes have changed dramatically as well. The longer we are here though, the more the place truly looks like me. The authentic me. Know what I mean. Yeah I know you do!!

    Thanks for reminding me we've come a long way baby!! xoxo

  4. You've made some beautiful changes over the past 4 years, Nicki! I love where you've wound up. It is fun {and sometimes embarrassing} to see where you were in the past with your decorating. It's a good lesson about following trends {country geese with blue and mauve, for example}.

  5. Wow Nicki I cannot get enough of your home. So pretty and love all the transformation. I have to say glad to see Sponge Bob got moved out of the bedroom!!!!He He!!!! You really have done a wonderful job reloving your space. Beautiful.

  6. I absolutely love all you've done. My goal is to lighten and brighten our house also but it seems like life just keeps getting in the way. You make me laugh -- my husband is always complaining about how I have so many blurry photos of mundane things that are just clogging up the computer space. One of these days I, too, will have to purge (before he locks me out of the computer lol).

  7. I love your home and everything you have done in five short years. Hubby and I bought my grandparents estate 20 years {!!!!} ago and I still have a long list of to-dos......inside and out. Current project is an upstairs bedroom that we are redoing in to a craft room/spare bedroom and it is taking FOREVER. You seem to accomplish things much quicker than us!

  8. Great and wonderful changes!! Your style is beautiful.

  9. Beautiful !!!!!!!Love all your new room!!!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  10. Your improvements are beautiful.... lets just say our homes to some of us when it comes to decorating never really ends..... the vision keeps us going and going! It's always revolving to our creative minds that's for sure!

    Happy Spring~

  11. it's so fun to look at how things change- you have done a beautiful job!

  12. I can't believe you did ALL that in four years! It's amazing and there is still hope for me!

  13. N & J

    Hats off to both of you for an amazing transformation. So much hard work, PLUS raising the family, PLUS doing shows, PLUS balancing life.
    Kudos, you guys rock!
    Can't wait 33 days and counting !

    Geo and Susan

  14. I love what you've done with your home and love that you've done it on such a small budget! You inspire me! I have a hard time decluttering sometimes. This post was an encouragement on that score, too. Thanks!

  15. What a fun post this is! This can give so much hope to people to know what some hard work and paint can do (besides a few other beautiful things :)) Where did you get your bedspread? I love it! I have been wanting one just like that!

  16. your house has become so beautiful! i remember seeing it how it was back then, and the pictures of it now are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Ha, I am a little slow! I was thinking who is this persona commenting that they have seen the house in person!! Hi Jenna! ♥

  17. What an amazing transformation! You're so talented. Just love your blog ;)

  18. That was a very interesting post, with wonderful after (or progress?) pictures. It's very important to remind us that what we have accomplished is great, even if it's not perfect...yet!

  19. What a wonderful post. I find it encouraging to keep going - in so many different ways.
    Thank you for that.

  20. You are loving your old house well! You HAVE come a long way, and you have much to be proud of.
    Thanks for sharing your "look back" with us.


  21. Oh, I love all the changes you've made. A home is a work of love, and you are doing yours proud.
    Keep up the great work, love never stops. Fabulous, you inspire us all.

  22. Absolutely are really making your home a haven!

  23. Great Job!! I love all the changes you have made. We are have to wait for a year and a half to get our own house. It is killing me I want to settle down already (military) and I see family getting to settle down. I see what you have done in a short time and it gives me something to look forward too. Did you actually have post showing how much you spent on each room or for paint? CUTE HOUSE!


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