Friday, March 15, 2013

Boys Room Makeover

A couple of days ago my son finally decided that he was ready for something a little less bulky in his room that also would be a little more geared towards an 8 year old. 

Then as luck would have it we found the perfect bed at  
Here it is all set up in his room.
 I swear, it doesn't always look like this. My kids are pretty much normal kids. No kids room looks magazine perfect after the first ten minutes of cleaning. 
Which is why I snapped these pics immediately after I worked on it and before he got home from school.
Here is what it looked like when I first went in there....
See, like I said....normal kids. If I had a nickle for everytime I stepped on a Lego, well I'd have a ton of nickles. 
Now all of his toys fit neatly in vintage suitcases and crates that he can easily slide under the bed when not in use.
 He collects globes, this one is a light!
 The dresser and locker were curbside treasures. They were both green, so a coat of white and some distressing to make the green pop made them perfect. I mod podged maps on them to go along with his globe collection.
I still have a few extra touches to do in there. I am on the search for a rug and some wall shelves. But moving out the big pirate bed sure did help make a lot of extra space! 

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  1. Nice bed! It definitely makes it visually less bulky looking than the previous bed. I'll bet he loves it!

  2. Big improvement. It has a nice clean look. Love the before picture........I have had three boys, and I totally get it.

  3. What a fun transformation and I'm sure he was thrilled! I remember the Lego days:-) I'd be rich if I only had a penny for every one I stepped on or the dog ate.

  4. It is a great transformation. That bed is great and gives a more open feel. I had girls so instead of legos there were always barbies and the little tiny shoes etc. always all over. I saw on pinterest a saying a "how is your pain on a scale of 1 to stepping on a lego"!!!! Ha Ha!!!

  5. This is definitely great makeover. I like the maps on dresser . I am mum of two little girls and this kind of "tidy" room is also in our house.

  6. Love the second photo! I think all parents can relate to that. I think I only took photos of my child's room twice once when finished and Christmas.

  7. it looks awesome! i love that bed and love all the globes! and yes, legos all over our floor.....

  8. His room looks great! I have stepped on many a lego in my day too.

  9. Love the globe lamp, I think these are so cool!

  10. That's cute how you took a picture before! It made for a more dramatic difference. I loOOooOooOooVe the finished room.

  11. the smaller bed definately makes a big difference. How cool that he collects globes. Some shelves would be nice too!


  12. Great redo. Love the suitcases for storage and I love globes too. Just found a fun one at a thrift store for $4. I will be using it in my craft room. I remember the Lego days! Now the grandies get them out, but they are good at putting them away before they leave.

  13. Wonderful updated bed! Yeah, we all know the "before" is more realistic representation of daily life with kids! My five year old son has a room to himself for the first time recently (he has 3 older sisters!) and I can't wait to do a "boy room" for the first time. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life


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