Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vintage Italian Tole Chandelier

Yesterday I had all planned out as a sewing day. The night before I cut up a bunch of old sheets to make some ruffled curtains and a ruffled piece for my "check out stand".

I got up all motivated early to start sewing and snap....broke a needle, put a new one in.....and snap, broke another needle.
I figured breaking my last two needles was a sign that I either needed to put away the sewing for another day or hit the craft store.
So I ran down to Jo Ann's and while I was there got a tiny bit side tracked on things other than needles {surprise!}. An hour later I walk out with needles, more glitter, and a white paint marker for glass. Honestly these were all things I actually needed but had forgotten until after I got there and got side tracked looking at everything.
On the way home I remembered someone had said Krogers had the new Romantic Homes magazine out, and I happened to be passing a Kroger. There isn't a Kroger close to my house and I haven't been in one in over 4 years, but figured since I am passing one I should stop. 
They had it!!! 

Now if you know me, you know that once I get this far side tracked, it's all down hill from here.....
Next stop, Antique Mall in town where I picked up a chandelier for a great deal. 
Then I figure I am out and about, I might as well stop in at the Minute Clinic in CVS and see what they think is going on with my sinuses. 
{SEE this seriously shows just how side tracked I can get!!!}
But it's good that I did because I had a bit of a fever and a sinus infection.
By the time I get home any thought of sewing are completely out the window. It's too nice of a day to be inside anyway. So my youngest daughter and I went out and dug in the dirt and cuddled chickens for a couple of hours. 
{Yes I said cuddled, our chicky girls are cuddlers!!}
I didn't get the sewing done. BUT I did work on the chandelier I brought home. I put crystals on it, and while doing that found the Made in Italy metal tag still on it! I love vintage Italian tole chandeliers. 
I also used up the last of my Jeanne D' Arc gift wrap scraps on the candle wraps. I sooooo want to keep it but this pretty is going to market.


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  1. cant wait to get the new copy!!! Your chandlier is beautiful. xo Laura

  2. LOL! Now, I would have walked out of Joann's without the needles and remembered them when I was halfway home, Nicki! I've been being good though and go right for the item I went there for in the first place. My Joann's was packed yesterday! Great chandy! It looks like the one I have in my craft/sewing room.

  3. The Chandelier is beautiful. Love it!! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Proving, some sidetracked days are your chandi and wow, wrapped candles, love 'em. Hope you feel better, sinus infections are horrible.

  5. That's how my brain works too. For New Years I came up with a goal to stay more focus on the task at hand..... Never worked.

  6. Sounds like your "side tracking" was most productive. Hope you are feeling better. Your chandelier looks tres chic! xo HHL

  7. I am the same way! I always get side tracked.The reason I never get anything done LOL! Beautiful chandy!

  8. so charming! and don't get me started on the magazines. crack! crack i tell you!


  9. I LOVE how your mind works Nicki! Serendipity happens when our brain gets sidetracked. Like bringing home a beautiful chandelier.
    I imagine the chickens were delighted!!!

  10. I do the same the thing all the time. At least you came home with what you went out for. I can't say the same for me.

  11. A quick trip always leaves me stopping a hundred places and then being too tired when I get home to do anything. Good for you for working on that gorgeous chandelier! Glad you finally got a copy of "Romantic Homes"--I still haven't found a copy yet...but I will!

  12. What a beauty...what a score! Be well!

  13. LOL! I had to laugh at your distraction. I get that way too at times. I was in JoAnn's today to pick up a fabric that I'd been wanting and was on sale and ended up with a few other things. I originally set out to the thrift store to look for a plate for another project. Didn't find the plate but did pick up a couple of orphaned Santa's for my collection, a Christmas table cloth and a Christmas table runner, then decided "gee, while I'm out I'll go over and get that fabric". All this started at 4:00 while I probably should have been doing something else at home LOL! Love the chandelier you picked up! SO pretty! Always fun to read your blog and see what you've been up to! Hugs, Leena

  14. Nicki, My copy just arrived of Romantic Homes. Email me your address and I will gladly send you my copy (as soon as I take a quick look through it). Love your blog and appreciate you. Nancy Carr

  15. Beautiful! A lucky somebody will snap that right up. I totally understand about getting sidetracked. I am the same way only I don't usually end up with such goodness in return!

  16. I love that chandelier and your attention to details is what makes your booth so inviting!

  17. Nicki,

    really really beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Love from Italy


  18. How can you not keep this??!! I know... I always say, I can't have everything. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets sidetracked...hehe
    Hope you feel better.
    Hug those chickens for me please!

  19. What a great post. I can so see that happening to me (the sidetracked part). That chandelier is so gorgeous it would be very difficult for me to part with. Wow!


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