Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quirky Facts

10 quirky facts you might not know about me:

1. I suffer from really bad anxiety....which in turn makes me say and do strange random things. I was on medication for it, which helped but a side effect of the medication was short term memory loss. I went off the meds. Better to say and do strange things than to have no short term memory!

2. My personal style is "homeless chic". I am more comfortable in a pair of sweat pants and my favorite Batman T-shirt

3. I also hate clothes shopping and only do it about once a year. I would rather spend hours in a hardware store. For this reason my husband won't go to the hardware store with me because it is too hard to drag me out.

4. Last year for Christmas and Valentines day I received BB Guns. That was what I asked for. When we picked out the first one I danced around the store singing about it.

5. I am afraid of sharks in swimming pools. Yep, you read that right! Chalk it up to a childhood "trauma" that I never recovered from. I realize it is totally not logical at ALL, and yet still can't help thinking about it.

6. My all time favorite bands that I can listen to over and over are: Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Kills and Kings of Leon. I grew up on country music though and know every line of every single Reba McIntyre, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, and Alan Jackson song ever written.

7. When I was little we lived in a chicken shack. Literally, the house was a chicken shack that was remodeled to fit a tiny kitchen and bath. I think it was around 400 sq ft. We also lived in a motel for several years.

8. I am like a bull in a china shop, yet am still utterly convinced I have mad ninja skills.

9. I've eaten chocolate covered crickets. They aren't bad, they just taste like chocolate covered rice crispies....with little legs you can feel on your tongue.

10.  I have weird reoccurring dreams but the one I have the most is where I am in high school and can't find my car. Which is odd since I didn't learn to drive until I was 20 years old and I didn't have a car until I was 25.

There you have it....10 quirky facts about me!
Happy Wednesday!! 


  1. I dream about high school all the time! Walking around the halls,late for class,messed up schedule.... So weird!

  2. Cute! :) I got a BB gun for my anniversary present from the Hubs.

    I have a reoccurring dream about high school too. I can never find my locker and once I do, I can't remember the combination. The strangest part is that I was home schooled through high school...

  3. Anxiety... check! Loathes clothes shopping... check! Recurring School Dreams... check!

    I think we all have those high school dreams. Forgetting your locker combination, where it is, where your classes are, you forgot to attend to school for almost a year, etc.

    And I love that Alan Jackson song, "Crazy about a Mercury!" Other people riding in their cars have Queen from Wayne's World, but I have Alan Jackson's Mercury song.


  4. Cool facts! I like the one about getting a BB gun :)

  5. ...and 10 more things to love about you!
    In my dreams I'm still in High School trying to get enough math credits to graduate : )

  6. Your list of ten things are the requirements for being a very creative person. Clothes shopping? Isn't that what the thrift shop is for? For Christmas every year I receive a hand sander from Santa. I taught for 22 years in seventh grade so my dreams are total nightmares. Thoroughly enjoyed your post!

  7. I loved reading this--living in the chicken shack must have made you the expert on doing so much with little that you are now! I am not surprised about the BB gun :) Thanks for sharing :)

  8. You are so cute Nicki! I loved reading these facts about you. I too, hate clothes shopping. If I could just afford someone to outfit me in what looks best on me I would be a happy camper. LOL

    I have always been a girly girl so no bb guns for me. HA!

  9. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks... It is no picnic ...but I have been lucky to have had some very peaceful stretches of time in my life!!! I do relaxation tapes..,journaling ...prayer helps to!!!!Deb

  10. Love those facts about you. I can deffiently relate to some! Love getting to know you better and think even more now that your a cool chic!

  11. Delightful!
    I understand all this so well. The flip side is your happy and balanced. The quirks are just that. They can be fixed. Fixer uppers. Isn't this what you do anyway?
    Honestly laughing at yourself or myself is easier than the other, I laugh at myself all the time, I have dealt with panic attacks. Fixed. Anxiety. Bit harder doable.
    OCD...big one. Working on it. No longer does the whole house have to be repainted, curtains all cleaned, cabinets all cleaned before anyone comes over. I know weird but true. Have a thing about people looking in them. Yes each and every-time. Sigh the exciting part is your a work in process! Beautiful successful and I smiled twice reading your list.

  12. Those are ten reasons you rock! I'm excited for this weekend! I hope we are near each other so we can chat it up!

  13. I also think of sharks in the pool, re-occuring dreams, depression and love hardware shops - especially the paint section - mad about colour - my mum calls my home the smartie box!


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