Thursday, August 23, 2012

Girls Rooms

 If you've been following for awhile, you probably know that finishing my kids rooms is one of those things that never seems to happen.

  But on the bright side, it is getting closer and closer! 
It took a long time to decide on color scheme for my oldest daughters room. At 12 she still wants the pinks but not too little girlish. 

I had shared a photo on Facebook before I added the color and someone commented that it looked like a mental institution...YIKES!

Blurry photo....I am convinced my camera hates me. It still takes great up close photos but anything from a distance is coming out blurry. I've played with the settings, checked the manual, ect ect.
 As for my youngest daughters room, I have not been a fan of the junky looking metal headboard she had and was on the search for something cuter when I found this at a yard sale for only $5!!!
A little paint and it's all purdy now!
Working on her room today so with some luck some time in the next year I will get some photos of that too!!


  1. A mental institution...really?! What are they thinking?!It looks beautiful! I think they are off there rocker! Beautiful bed you found too!

  2. Hey, I don't know how many mental institutions they have been in but this room is beautiful!

  3. I don't know... It still seems like something is missing? Maybe some prints of Flowers, or an inspration board/wall. Paint clouds on the ceiling, or some fabric around the bed from the ceiling to make a canopy? Like in the Hospitals. They add a hardware and it slides around. A friend of mine did this too. It was really cute. Even some of her personality in the room more.

    1. Oh almost forgot. I think the pink and blue makes it more young then a teenage girl (almost) how about using pastels in purples yellow even try a little magenta! This is really pretty too. Bookcase? Vanity table? Or glitter. You can do this with poly. On the furniture. Best

  4. If that room is a mental hospital . . . I'm moving in. It is beautiful! What is wrong with some people? The bed you found for $5, WOW! what a great find . . . you scored big. It looks lovely painted white. I decided a long time ago that you make your home to suit yourself, don't worry about other people's comments. If they like it, yippee :) If they don't, well you probably wouldn't like theirs either. Everyone has a different idea of what is lovely and cozy and charming. In my opinion that bedroom is goreous.

    Come on over and see what I've made from recycled candle-holders and small lamps. Are you curious? I've been waiting a long time, for you to follow me back, maybe this project will do the trick. Come on, I'm a huge fan.
    Have a great day, Connie :)

  5. for me its beautiful, i love to eat, sleep and play in that room.

  6. Ithink your daughter's room is beautiful and full of character. I do love the pops of pink and blue! take care, Maryann

  7. I think it's perfect just as it is. Perfect pops of color. That blue vintage makeup case is to die for! omg!

  8. Everything looks so pretty--a very sweet room!

  9. I love it just like it is! So pretty.

  10. Purple...yellow...magnenta...what the heck ...the bedroom looks GORGEOUS Nikki,perfect for your 12yo princess x x

  11. The room is nice the way it is. The point was, from my point if view. And had a teenager girl. Now is just about 24. It has the same feel as the rest of the house. Which is pretty. But to change it up for a pre teen. With using more colours that a pre teen may want more as a wow facter. I thought the post was about pitching ideas not just compliments. As a creative person too, its hard not to have more than one vision! Mental hospital did not come to mind though. And yes pastels look really nice in purples with yellows and maybe alittle extra pop with some prints of florals or beautiful magental. I have seen this over and over. One person comes to mind is By rachel ashwell as well! etc.. Guess I'm Out best,

  12. Your daughter's room is coming along nicely. With your talents it will definitely become a room of perfection!

  13. i think it looks dreamy! {i'm jealous! ;}

    m ^..^

  14. A mental institution? I'm sorry, but that is hilarious! It does NOT! LOL!

  15. It's lovely! It's so soft and girly. Your daughter must love it!


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