Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sink Skirt

 Ok, so if you read my blog at all, you probably know that I am kind of in love with my kitchen. 

It's pretty much my favorite room in the house. I think because it only cost me $200 from start to finish and the results were just so awesome. It's bright, white, airy, simple and clean.
 We added a drop cloth skirt for the photo shoot to hide one of the yet to be fixed issues of the sloping sink and counter. 

Hey, not all kitchens can be perfect, especially on a budget. But it's those imperfections that you find creative was to live with that become part of it's charm.

 And speaking of imperfections, I set out this lovely raspberry tart for a pop of color in the photos and my ex husband came along and took a big ol' slice before the photos were taken! 

Men.....Is it any wonder he has gained 60 pounds since moving in to my guest room?? 
{Shhhhh, don't tell him I said that!}
 I posted some of these on my Facebook page and someone commented "They don't have kids!"

I do indeed have three lovely children, ages 4, 7, and 11.

Personally, I find it easier to keep white clean. You can scrub it down, bleach it, throw it in the wash, or just repaint and never have to worry about which color matches back up. 

Also, I assure you my children are very much normal kids. They run and romp the house, do crafts, dig in dirt and have been known to make a mess once or twice 
{by once or twice, what I mean is once or twice a minute}

I'm telling you, if you want to go all white in your house to lighten it up but worry because you have kids or animals {we also have a cat and 3 chickens}
just do it!
Another topic I want to cover again, you DO NOT have to have a lot of money to decorate the way you want. 

Our yearly income before taxes has taken a little jump this year, it's now $31,000. 

Yeah, I put that out there for all to see. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed. I'm actually pretty proud that I've been able to accomplish so much on so little. 

 Especially living in town where the census says the median income is $108,440.

My motto is as it always has been, re-purpose, re-use, and have fun!


  1. I like your motto! Your kitchen is fabulous and actually looks better than some I've seen costing thousands more. Beautiful!

  2. I LOVE your blog and your style. I'm very impressed with what you have done with your home, and now I'm triply impressed to learn the budget you've done it on. So often people say they are doing things on a budget but then spend a ridiculous (for me) amount of money on their "frugal" items. I'm inspired by your creating a gorgeous home on a tight budget. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We must be living in a parallel universe, although I'm on the dark side, lol. We have 6,10, and 12 year-old-kids, and our income is about the same. We are in ministry:-) Anyway, LOVE your kitchen. I love the pop of color, in fact I just asked my mom if she had any raspberry colored ribbon I could use in my own kitchen. I found some old slabs of marble and would love my island to be like yours. And I love your stove. My mom has one, and I went with her to buy it several years ago when her old one went out. She searched all over to find that particular stove. Long story short, love your kitchen:-)

  4. Any advice, tips, etc., on making a sink skirt? I need to make one for the bathroom but keep putting it off because I'm not quite sure what to do and I want it to be nice.

    1. I just bought a cheap drop cloth from the hardware store, cut it in half and my ex husband tacked it up pleating it as he went. Not really the most accurate way to do it, but it achieved the desired look without spending much or measuring and sewing.

  5. Beautiful room. Your style is exceptional and I'm with you on the budget thing. Funny too, but if you look at the style of some people with more cash, you will often find that their places lack pinash! You can't always buy style. You are rich with it!

  6. I would like to eat that cheesecake in that kitchen for sure!

  7. I love your down to earth personality.. Really I do! We would get along great. Honesty and intregity goes along way! You do a great job.. I love the kitchen, love the white, love the drop cloth curtain too! Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

  8. The original country style of decorating was dictated by tight budgets and DIY, so you are staying true to it's roots. I love your kitchen, especially the vintage stove! ~ Maureen

  9. Well done my friend! You are always such an inspiration to me...showing how it truly is about your creativity and know how and not about the money. Of course, your area does have better curb finds than mine! :-)


  10. You go girl!!!! Your kitchen is beautiful.Yes I too LOVE white.I finally took the plunge and I LOVE it!! I still have more to do.But it feels so light and bright.

  11. I love it that you put your income out there--ours is about the same. It makes us all find the hope that it can be done!

    You are also inspiring that you an get along with your ex-husband so well.

    Love your sink skirt!

  12. Nicki, a kitchen filled with love (& raspberry tart) will always look nicer and more homely than a top of the range kitchen filled with expensive gadgets. Yours is a delight and I really can't blame the ex for getting into the tart...mmmmm.

  13. Linda sua postagem, sua força de vontade, sua criatividade, parabéns e obrigada pelas ideias. Minha casa também tem muito branco, daqui alguns dias irei colocar fotos delas no meu blog, é que andei sem computador.Sei como é fazer as coisas sozinha, também coloco minhas mãos e construo, reutilizo, reformo, invento e pinto com a ajuda de meus filhos

  14. I even like the cut raspberry tart... with the knife! Looks so home-y and welcoming :) Beautiful kitchen!


  15. Love your kitchen...warm and welcoming!
    Off to pin!

  16. Your blog is gorgeous, love everything! Ur kit is lovely! I know curiosity killed the cat, but ...ur married with 3 kids and ur ex is living w u???? Wowzers!

  17. I so agree about white. Everyone says negative comments, like "you must threaten your kids" or "You must never use this room" but really white is great because you can bleach it! :D


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