Saturday, May 5, 2012


I've been waiting patiently for my peonies to bloom this year. 
I got them for free from Craigslist 2 years ago. The first year their blooms were already spent for the season, and they didn't bloom last summer at all for some reason.
So I walk out yesterday to see this...

And I get all excited and look around at the other bushes....
when I notice that most of them are missing all the bulbs that just a few days ago looked like they might bloom soon. 
Then I look on the ground and see the missing bulbs and a couple of blooms....hmmmmm what sneaky creature could have done this? My heart fell. How entirely disappointing.

After considering it for a moment I knew exactly what had happened and called my 11 year old daughter outside to question. 
Yep, she beheaded my peonies! No good reason, not to give the blooms as gifts, just tore them up and threw them on the ground. 
So it looks like I will be waiting yet another year before I get to see all these peony bushes in full bloom.


  1. Oh no... The blooms you did get are fabulous! Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh my--I am so sorry your daughter did that! My daughter sees me in the yard checking my peonies all the she wouldn't dare. My burgandy colored ones are about to explode! If we could just get some sun. My light pink ones like yours are probably a few weeks away. I wish I had some white ones..I may have to buy a white bush this year. Happy gardening!

  3. I remember the year my brothers and I picked all the yellow daylily blooms about to open as our "bananas." It was the only time my grandmother EVER got angry at us, and then when we told her why, she howled. As a grandmother gardener myself now, I realize how much she loved us not to beat us bloody over that. Who knew then amount of patience it was going to take to raise children, eh?

  4. Well your single bloom is lovely :) My neighbor gave me some two years ago and they're just about to begin opening BUT we have been having torrential rains so they're all bent down and I'll need to go out and "shore" them up.

  5. Note to self - stand guard over your peonies when the grandchildren visit! At least you got to see one bloom. :)

  6. Oh no :-( .
    I had peonies at my last house.They are so pretty and I do love there scent.But I had to plant them away from my house.They attract lots of ants.I had to shake them off before putting them inside our house.

  7. I know this is no laughing matter but had to laugh, kids are so funny! My son did the exact same thing with my agapanthus once. I planted peonies for the first time here last year and they only made a small appearance of leaves. i am hoping they will do better next season. take care, Maryann

  8. Our daughter bought our house a few blocks from 822 and I left my peonies behind. Sadly because they are my favorite. I have buried my face in them so many times, the delicate feel and fragrance. At least you have a bloom to do such. I imagine your daughter feels awful. They are very pretty dried. One time my sweet hubby picked quite a few and left a sweet trail to a candle lit tub with some floating in the water...ha..that was LONG ago

  9. Oh nooooooo.... how sad and what a long wait to see them again. I so wish I could grow peonies where I live but our climate is too temperate all year round. I do love them though!!

  10. What a lovely peony, Nicki! They will probably get more blooms if you fertilize them quickly. I am so sorry that your other blooms were hurt. I have had little bunnies and squirrels eat lots of my plantings before.

    I don't think peonies grow down here, but I am going to find out.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  11. Blame it on curiosity! Peonies usually will not bloom until the 2nd year after they are transplanted, for some strange reason. I guess they need to settle in or something.

    When we were in our previous house, I came home from grocery shopping to see what looked like snow all oevr our yard. The neighbor kids pulled off every last hydrangea bloom and spread the petals all over the yard. I actually went inside and cried. :(

  12. Oh NO Nicki!! I would have sat down right then and there and had a good cry!!!! I LOVE peonies and am carefully watching mine. They are only up a few inches so far...I sure hope mine bloom this year!!

  13. Squirrels will eat them. I've had that happen. Years ago MY kids picked them off my neighbor's bushes. They picked every single "ball" and played with them, throwing them at each other. I was SOOO mortified and spent that entire summer apologizing over and over to my poor neighbor.


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