Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Weekend

Yesterday I woke up with grand plans of getting things done, and then my leg started hurting really REALLY bad. I just had my clot timing checked Friday and it was good so I don't think it was a blood issue. I think I have just overdone it and it was cramped. Sooooo bed rest for the day, grrrrrrrrr, no fun!
Before my leg started bothering me I did take some old lamp parts out to the garden to find a use for.
And I made it out to the Goodwill Outlet a few times and brought home these goodies....
 Stack of ironstone
 Patio furniture
 Library catalog drawers
And you can't really see too well in the pic but some baby blue vintage flocked wall paper with damask design!!!!


  1. sorry you weren't feeling so hot
    but you found some great things!


  2. Hope your leg has improved with bed rest so you can get back out there on the thrifting trail :)

  3. Hope you are doing better--love your Goodwill stuff! Makes me make a run down there right now--you never know what you are missing!

  4. You made a pretty good haul, even though your leg was bothering you! ~ Maureen

  5. Wow! You find the best stuff at your thrift stores.

    Hope your leg has improved with rest. :@

  6. Some great things for gw. Take care about your not let it go too long, if the pain keeps up.Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  7. What a great haul! Feel better soon.

  8. I know all about the clot timing...The Husband was on warfarin for a while after his heart attack.
    So get some rest...keep an eye on that leg.
    Love all your finds...that lamp turned 'obelisk' in the garden...looks great!
    I'm still working on getting a bottle tree in mine.
    Your piece has me inspired.
    take care~Pat

  9. Fun treasures hope your leg is better

  10. Hope your leg feels better. You find such great stuff at the thrift stores. We don't have anything like that close to me. Love what you did out in the garden.


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