Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gum Ball Machine Transformation

I saw an amazing gumball machine used as display on Blossoms Vintage Chic
and just knew I had to have one to paint white like she did. 

This is my finished product!

Browsing the Goodwill Outlet bins today and much to my surprise {rarely do I find the exact thing I am looking for} was a gum ball machine!
Filled with vintage pearls.

It's pretty heavy so it came out to $11.00 
But really I don't think that is a bad price at all!

I rushed it right home and immediately got my paint on!
This was the before.

I use Zinser primer on just about everything hard to paint. LOVE the stuff. It even holds up on my kids furniture.

I also found a large vintage wooden tray. It looks like something I saw the other day at Homegoods...I have plans for it but you will have to wait and see!

Also wanted to let ya'll know I am selling some of the Jeanne d'Arc gift wrap. For those of you who were interested but didn't want to spend a lot on the whole roll. It is for sale here


  1. I have been looking for a gumball machine too but I never find the great things you do-very lucky and very pretty!


  2. I love what you did with the gumball machine. Just saw one last week and didn't buy it, wished I would have seen your idea earlier....well there is always a other day. Hey, if you have any spare time come over for a visit, my welcome mat is always out. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Connie

  3. Mine is exactly like yours was , but not for much longer Nicki!!! hee hee I think I paid $35 for ours new yearssssss ago so you hit the jackpot!!
    PS Pinning away!! :)

  4. Is the zinser primer you use spray on?? I hope so...I must find some soon!!

  5. Ohhhh. . . I want a gum ball machine too. Yours looks great Nicki!! ♥

  6. Darn it! I sold my gumball machine when we moved. Now I wish I had it back! I love the pearls inside.

  7. I never seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. What a great price. The pearls and paint job are wonderful!

  8. OH!!!!! that is the best, ever!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness how smart! I have one of these old gumball machines in my garage. I love the idea of painting it!! Thank you for the great idea.

  10. Oh my this is lovely!

    Happy day, happy spring, happy happy everything!

  11. Goodness, I love this. We have one and now, I am so inspired to paint it white. Thank you.


  12. this is awesome!! so so clever...:) chris

  13. That is a great idea...looks wonderful!

  14. This is so unique and pretty! We have our first ever Beautify It Monday link party going on now and we'd love for you to stop by and link up @

  15. That is very pretty! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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