Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Coop

 The chickens finally have their new digs!

All of the junk around their coop is stuff I have for sale.

It seems kind of silly I am sure, but it just looks so pretty to have a little shop space around their coop.

We put the coop together inside our garage with supplies we had around. Old wood from a deck tear down, and the chicken wire was in the shed when we moved here.

I hung one of my cheap chandies and made a chalkboard sign out of some plywood and an antique wooden frame painted white.
My pretty ladies ready to have their photo taken!
I think this is going to be my "store". 
Is it weird to have a chicken coop inside a store??
 I'm not really finished yet...but then again, I don't think anything around here is ever really "finished".

I'm happy with it and the girls are happy with it! 
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  1. First time I have seen a well thought out design for a farm house with animals in it. Love it!

  2. If I were a chicken I would live there. It's really quite clever...Love it!

  3. Oh My.... I am REALLY feeling bad for are Lady Hens at this moment... If only they new how well their other Hen Friends are living they would most probably begin to Picket and Shut Down the Egg Production.... :) I am Certainly not going to share this post with them for FEAR we would have to give up having Breakfast.... :)

    You did a LOVELY job... I can't wait to be settled and hopefully do something like this for our Ladies.. :)

  4. New follower to your blog tonight - liked you on FB already... :-) I think your chicken coop is precious - I love the way you have all of your finds displayed around the coop - just pretties it up nicely!

    Now, speaking as a total "city girl"... hows does that work having your coop actually inside your garage? Do your chickens not need to be able to go outside in the sunshine and pick around in the grass and dirt or anything?? And, yes, I know... it's obvious that I know NOTHING about having chickens... :-)

  5. The cutest coop ever! Now, if these ladies don't produce an abundance of eggs, it's not your fault. You have certainly given them a romantic place for...encounters.

  6. Oh that is too cute! What lucky little chicks!

  7. I was telling someone the other day about chandeliers hanging in chicken coops. Now I know I wasn't crazy. It is the new style. love it too!

  8. It is charming... I do love your Frech touches... but I have chickens too and I wouldn't want them anywhere near my stuff I'm selling...they need fresh air because they create a lot of dander. Be careful with precious supplies! andrea@townandprairie

  9. Not weird at ALL! In fact, I was at the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, WA this year and one of the booths there had a little mini chicken coop set up! Your shop is adorable, wish I could visit!


  10. I think the chicken coop inside the store is awesome:)

  11. i think it's adorable, as long as you keep it clean, i think it's a very cool idea!

  12. I look so forward to reading your blog and this post shows why! Who would ever think to put a chicken coop in the store and then to decorate it the way you did!! And you know, if I walked in on that, I'd totally be buying stuff. Good luck to you! xo

  13. That is so cute. You have some chickens with might fancy tastes.

  14. Love what you've done to the coop!
    I think it is great fun to have your shop out there too!!

  15. How cute, too cute for chickens. I love your whites.

  16. Lovely! I'd buy anything while serenaded by the clucking coop!Must admit, I decorated my coop without great success... As a previous poster said, the *dander n dust* were too hard to deal with. Best wishes to you! I'll be back to visit and learn!

  17. Oh wow, that is so pretty! I love it, I made a sign for our chicken coop too, and people thought I was crazy. :)

  18. I think that looks so cool. I would totally shop there--very charming!

  19. Hi Cindy, I am visiting from Verde Farm. I love your coop. My girls would be jealous. I have had plans to decorate mine but having a hobby farm, as you know has a long list of to dos, and like you said they are never done. I am following you for continued inspirations. I am a new blogger, stop by and check out No Place Like Home.

  20. I sure do hope our chickens don't hear about your coop!!! They would certainly be jealous. Love it! New follower.

  21. Very charming. And what a good idea. I love the mirror you have sitting next to the coop ~ lovely.

  22. There is something so fun and awesome about that ... I just love it! If I ever have chickens, I want that! :)

  23. I know I would shop in a store with chickens in it! Love it!! (visiting from Farmhouse Friday.)

    Have a great weekend!

  24. I would love to shop at a store that has a coop in it! It turned out really great. We're hoping to convert our former playhouse to a coop soon. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Cheers, Andrea

  25. I love it! I have all of the clothing in my shoppe hanging from chicken nesting boxes. :-). Thanks for linking up to Farmhouse Friday!


  26. adorable. Must be some happy chickens.

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